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Premier League Final Day Thread

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    (Original post by rockrunride)
    And Bolton score. Girl near me in the library celebrates. Can't tell if she's an anti-QPR crusader or a City fan.
    Maybe she is just a bit horny for making some sandwiches?
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    Bolton! :eek:
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    Giggs doing poor , again
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    Bolton are staying up if the results remain!
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    (Original post by Tucking Fypo)
    Inzaghi :adore:

    good lord ffs :adore:
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    :rofl2: Would love QPR to go down. Another generic northern club to stay up :rofl2:
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    (Original post by Karma Charger)
    Pardew was naive in playing a 4-4-2. It reduces the impact Cabaye and Ben Arfa have, and for what? We got dominated in midfield, playing a 4-3-3 was surely the best option. We were pretty bad today. Oh well, onwards and upwards.
    Said it last week too :sigh: Getting overrun in midfield yet again. It really makes my blood boil.
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    bolton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!
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    bolton winning, qpr down if they don't do anything
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    Oh no. Bolton have taken the lead, really want QPR to take something away from City now!

    Interestingly Hughes signed Zableta didn't he and now, his signing has given Man City the advantage in the lead and possibly sending QPR down.
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    Another Bolton goal now please.
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    Fulham. :adore:
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    Apparently Yaya Toure is struggling for City. Don't sub him, let him stay on but play crap, please?
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    I'm willing to bet essentially anything that QPR don't score today. City are so superior.
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    And suddenly...in ten minutes...it's all changed. QPR must be distraught...

    Not even half-time yet. :coma:
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    (Original post by marcusmerehay)
    Fulham. :adore:
    Tottenham are still leading?
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    This would hurt if the Spuds get 3rd due to a Adebayor goal.
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    Arsenal and Tottenham will both draw today and we'll lose.
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    Stewart Downing: just 45 minutes left. Go on, son, you can do it.
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    (Original post by marcusmerehay)
    Fulham. :adore:
    Have they equalised? :eek:


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Updated: April 22, 2014
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