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Premier League Final Day Thread

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    (Original post by xDave-)
    top of the league
    Taking a picture now! :p:$
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    Park the bus QPR, please.
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    Horrendous challenge by Campbell on Evra.
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    (Original post by gunit123)
    Bring on the ox now ffs
    How does that help a defensive shambles?
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    Yes. Jackson 2-0 Villa. Really hope we can get more as we're due to thrash someone in the league.

    Also happy to see United winning! Really want Arsenal to win as well as I have huge respect for the team.
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    Is the Arsenal game on TV?
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    (Original post by S-man10)
    I know this isn't related to this thread but I just want to say Alessandro Del Piero ffs :adore:
    End of an era at the San Siro. :nopity:
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    McLeish really is despicable. Get to 40 and just piss everyone off associated with Villa by opening the floodgates. It's as almost as if they haven't turned up.
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    So did anyone bet on every team scoring? It's heading that way I reckon
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    (Original post by Tucking Fypo)
    End of an era at the San Siro. :nopity:
    Didn't know he played for Milan :P
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    2-0 Everton,
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    (Original post by manupalace)
    Is the Arsenal game on TV?

    Utd are dominant. Need another goal, though.
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    Sturridge FFS....:sigh:
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    (Original post by xDave-)
    Didn't know he played for Milan :P
    I was on about the Milan game which is also taking place right now.
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    C'mon Arsenal FFS
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    Giggs should have buried that!
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    Everton 2... Real shame it looks like they'll blow their chance. Still a good season for them, but 4th is ready for the taking right now
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    everton :laugh:
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    Disgraceful so far, passes it to the ****ing keeper or boot it up the field absolute ****e today.

    Oh, and Cabaye's gone down a ton in my opinion after that behavior.
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    That's it for us, I think.


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