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Fave student night out in Liverpool?

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    Where is your fave student place to go in Liverpool?

    Medication has to be my favourite! So good.
    Double Vision is pretty good too don't go as much as I used to though.
    Been the Raz like twice, dirtiest place I've been in my life! But had a good night. You've gotta try a fat frog there!

    Where do you like?
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    Monday - Double Vision
    Tuesday - Office is meant to be good but I haven't been. Jaxx is amazing, it has a bouncy castle and laughing castle (vodka+mixer 50p!)
    Wednesday - Medication
    Thursday - Arena (not a fan of the Raz, I have to say)
    Friday - Mood/Krazyhouse
    Avoid weekends too for the same reasons...Mood has to be my favourite club though and Cava is AMAZING!!
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    (Original post by jamie7)
    Monday - Double Vision
    Tuesday - Office is meant to be good but I haven't been. Jaxx is amazing, it has a bouncy castle and laughing castle (vodka+mixer 50p!)
    Wednesday - Medication
    Thursday - Arena (not a fan of the Raz, I have to say)
    Friday - Mood/Krazyhouse
    Avoid weekends too for the same reasons...Mood has to be my favourite club though and Cava is AMAZING!!
    A bouncy castle?! OMG! I knew i wanted to go to liverpool for a reason...!
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    Cava is so good And Slaters

    Not too fussed on the Office or Mood.

    I don't go out at the weekend much either.
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    monday - sportsa cafe £1 pint
    tuesday - mischief
    weds - medication
    thurs - garlands
    friday - flares/matthew street
    sat - krazyhouse/le bateau
    sunday - ship and mitre/excelsior - chill out a bit
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    wheres gud 4 rnb n hip-hop?
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    off the top of my head;

    mon - dv
    tues - office/jaxx
    weds - dont go out on weds much
    thurs - font quiz then jacaranda and/or garlands
    fri - john moores
    sat - time tunnel/chibuku
    sun - john moores or garlands

    slaters, korova, john moores, are all good places to start off in on any night
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    Le Bateau any day of week mate.. not as good as the underground in stoke if any of u are ever there... top indie action
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    Bumper on Friday is pretty good
    Krazyhouse on a Thursday (prob my 2 best nites out in liverpool have been here)
    Time Tunnel
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    Im underage like but party like a student..This is how i see it.
    The days i like in town are:
    Sundays: Garlands
    Tuesday: Jaxx
    Thur: Garlands
    Fri: Society/Mood
    Saturday: Krazyhouse is good, but ive gone off it.

    Best place for RnB is Mood, second floor easily.
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    For us it's:

    Mon: Double Vision (never had a bad DV, it's always good - especially because I get free drinks off a certain sexy barman :eek: . I don't go every week, but most). Walkabout is good on Mondays.

    Tues: Le Bateau/Society.

    Weds: Medication or failing that, the cinema.

    Thurs: The Raz sometimes (I have had mixed nights at the Raz, I usually enjoy it, but when it's too busy and you can't dance for people walking through you - then I don't like it). If we don't go to the Raz we go to Garlands. In the first semester we used to go Concert Sq (Krazyhouse/Modo) on thursday - the Raz much more this semester.

    Friday: Don't go out on fridays. I *hate* this too, because at home fridays were always the night when everyone was out.

    Sat: Time Tunnel (it's not a patch on DV, but town is disgusting on saturdays. ACCKK).

    Sunday: Don't go out on sunday - who does?! Like, eww.

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    wow hehe, those week plans sound like my first year! :p:

    I got bored of the bog standard student nights incredibly quickly this year, and places like The Office/baa baa etc...meh, i dunno, they just weren't any fun this year! seems wierd because we'd go there every week to DV and KH, this year i've been like 3 times all together!

    Luckily there are some much much better places to go out!
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    Monday in walkabout is great, with some fun games up on the stage. Always good for a laugh.
    Tuesday at Brookhouse is okay. A pound a pint you cant really complain, but i always find that it is far to packed every week. The service is also crap.
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    Double Vision is amazing.. I've only been once, but I loved it! going again next Monday cause it's my birthday

    Thursdays have to be spent either in the Walkabout, the Office or the Krazyhouse.. Tuesdays are supposed to be good in the Office, but I haven't been there on a Tuesday yet.. Cava is always a good choice for the first drink.. mmm, tequila...
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    Double Vision and Time Tunnel bore me, apart from the live lounge bit in the back occasionally. Le Bateau is cool on Wednesday and Bumper on a Thursday.
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    (Original post by lessthanthree)
    sunday night is top gear night. failing that, brookhouse!
    top gear :cool: Brookhouse is OK I guess, I've stolen some good things from there, innit.
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    Wed - Symphony 241
    Thu - Kelly's Smithdown Road (Best pub in Liverpool!)
    Fri - Krazyhouse
    Sat - Le Bateau
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    Monday - Double vision :suith: :suith: :suith: love love love
    Tuesday - Umm, not fussed about tuesdays but I tend to be at the Office/Jaxx
    Weds - Medication
    Thursdays - Bumper/Garlands/Krazy house
    Friday - Le bateau :suith: :suith: :suith:
    Saturday - Time Tunnel/Le Bateau
    Sunday..i'm usually in a coma
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    OMG how much money do you guys get through on drink in a week!? (serious question lol) i'm thinking i may have to do some drink stealage, i'm going to be soo poor!! It will be amazing!
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    ^^ That is impressive. I think I might actually be an alcoholic. I did a little test to see how I could cope without drink the other night. I poured a glass of chardonnay and put it on the coffee table. I sat and attempted to read Hello! Magazine to see how long I could resist the wine. I lasted 3 minutes


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