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How to apply for work?

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    So I'm hoping for 5-6 months of paid full time work in the UK and then me and my friend will go travelling in New Zealand. Just wondering how anyone else, if anyone else, managed to get full time work? I've been applying to places but they just don't want me because I want to start work in August after my exams... They want people now, not then. And then if I waited till I could say I'm going to work now there might not be any jobs available. What do I do??
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    I assume you're going for bar / waitressing / general hospitality work / something similarly low skilled?

    It's because they don't know when they will need people - most staff will have a one week notice period written into their contract. This means that they don't know, from week to week, who'll be working there, who won't be, and how many new staff they will need, if any.

    As things stand, your only choice is to wait until you are (almost) ready to start.

    Also, I'd recommend getting a job literally as soon as your exams finish (so June / July), because not only might it take you some time to find a job, especially as you have no experience, you will need all the money you can get, because NZ is expensive.
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    Join a temping agency and specify when you want to work? may not be guaranteed work but they usually have something available
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    Thanks guys, good ideas.


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