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    I'll be a City University London postgraduate student starting from September 2012.
    I'm now looking for an accomodation but City offers few possibilities for postgraduate students.

    The ideal solution I'd like to find is a room with en-suite bathroom and kitchen shared with other students. Clearly this is to try to make friends with my roommates and not to have dinner alone (that is so sad!!).

    Do you have some advices for me?

    I saw IQ Hoxton and Urbanest Hoxton (but that doesn't seem to be a very good area), Nido Spitafield (so expensive!), Dinwiddy (very sad place)....
    Do you maybe know something about Goodenough Accomodation?

    Thank you!!
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    iQ Hoxton is in fact a very good area, why don't you come and see for yourself? We are also offering 44 week tenancies, and rooms that cost £255 a week. superb for central London!!
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    Goodenough is fantastic but I a afraid full - only considering reserve applications now. If you are here for longer than a year (and postgrad) then you could consider next year. BUT next year one of the buildings closes for refurb and so places will be extremely limited.
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    The location of iQ and UrbanEst in Hoxton is very good. Close to tube, good bus links, 10 mins walk to City and the excitement of old St/Hoxton/Shoreditch on your doorstep. Not sure about the actual accommodation or price though.


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Updated: September 7, 2012
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