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need quick guidance/opnion/advice from fellow post graduate colleagues MA/MRes IR

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    Hi all,
    Just need a quick attention of the fellow colleagues studying MA/MRes International relations. I have finish my post graduate studies in Sep 2011. However, i couldnt continue with my post graduate studies due to the sudden death of me mom & dad.
    I recently applied for the MA/MRes International relations programme at Keele University and University of Kent. I want to to start my post graduate studies in coming Sep 2012. I have got offered from both university even i passed with over all 2:2 56.8% in BA(Hons) Criminology and Sociology.
    I would like to have the guidance/ opnion/advice of post graduate colleagues who are taking their majors in International relations about which university will be the best mean Kent or Keele as I have made my intentions that after post graduate studies i will continue with my Phd. if you think any other university is better than kent or keele for this programme but please keep in mind the over all grade 2:2 56.8%.
    Many thanks
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    Please don't take this the wrong way, but I think at that level it doesn't really matter too much. If you were trying to decide between like St Andrews/LSE or UCL/Oxford obviously it would make a difference, but outside of top schools I think your career prospects and success will mostly depend on what kind of work experience you get and what you do afterwards.
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    well thanks for your opnion@aftrglw. really appreciate it.
    However, i currently had my internship for six month woth the Foreign ministry and possibly if God wills i am looking forward to work in the one of the Foreign ministry of Afghansitan in USA, Germany or may be here in UK. ps i also had work experience for two years wit the Narcotics department so i guess its bit hard to choose kent or keele as I am not interested in ST Andrews/LSE/UCL/Oxford


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Updated: May 14, 2012
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