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What is the minimum height you would date someone at?

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    (Original post by QwentyJ)
    I know, I meant as in some guys get upset by their gf's wearing heels so that they are taller than them and vice versa, with girls being upset because they will be taller. I mean, it's not like it's a permanent thing! That's the issue I was addressing. Girls exist who will only date a guy who is a minimum of high heel height above them, say 4 or so inches. I find this to be odd, personally, for my reasons above.
    Oh yeah, that is odd. I misinterpreted your post, apologies.
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    Minimum 5"10'.

    I wouldn't date anyone smaller than me, but same height is ok. (female)

    I am already quite tall, so I don't like to feel like a giant next to a guy.
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    I'm 6'4" and I can't afford to be picky.
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    I'm 5'5", female, and my boyfriend is 5'9", which is the shortest I'd go for cos I want to be able to wear heels!
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    I like short and petite girls. It's more feminine and they incite more protective feelings in me, plus I like to carry them around in my pocket.

    Can't really put a number on it but I know them when I see them.
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    You don't really get guys who are shorter than me unless they are actually clinically dwarves, so I don't really have a minimum height. Maximum height is only really governed by practicality - if I need a stepladder, then they're too tall.
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    I'm 5'3" and broadly speaking female identifying.

    While I find certain height and body shape combinations more attractive than others, I wouldn't not explore a relationship with someone based on their height. I don't care in any significant way whether someone is 4' or 7'.
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    (Original post by hopingforuni12)
    Well I am a rather short 4'9 female. To be honest the taller the better.
    Funny that you say the taller the better when you're not far from being a midget.
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    Excuse me it's my personal opinion. I like tall guys. It isn't a crime. Plus I dont really care. Height doesn't matter.
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    Male, 6ft 8, dont care on partner height.
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    At least 3 inches taller than me (preferably).
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    6ft 4-5.

    6ft and below, definitely.
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    minimum 5'0 without heels,

    i'm 6'0.
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    6' male. I'd date someone around 5'+.
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    minimum height of a chick 5' 3 after that it gets awkward when kissing hugging etc im gonna have to pick her up and stuff or get a back impediment lol
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    5"1 female- 6"?
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    Well I'm 5ft2, usually go for taller males and females around my height.

    Though I'll be honest it really doesn't matter either way, if they're lovely, I don't care about their height.
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    (Original post by hopingforuni12)
    Excuse me it's my personal opinion. I like tall guys. It isn't a crime. Plus I dont really care. Height doesn't matter.
    tall guys or taller guys?

    But as you said, height doesn't matter
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    Tall guys.
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    (Original post by hopingforuni12)
    Tall guys.
    My minimum boob size is 34C.

    If this fits you then gimme your number and Ill milk those chest cows you have. :sexface:


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Updated: May 25, 2012
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