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AQA French Listening 14th May

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    (Original post by SarahLucyx)
    Was the steak overcooked? Also there is a massive debate at my school between furniture shop and factory for that stupid question!
    furniture shop!
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    (Original post by myyrealname)
    furniture shop!
    eek i put factory!!!
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    (Original post by Allie J)
    My class all hated it so I so hope the boundaries are low. How are you all feeling about the reading on...Thursday I believe?
    I tend to do better at readings so I am slightly more confident, I just hope it isn't quite as harsh as the listening!
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    I just realised I put the wrong answer down, oh my god...
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    i put factory too haha, no idea at all.
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    I'm sure it was factory. The mention of shop was because the beds he tests get sent to shops and hotels?
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    I put factory too
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    I put factory becuase I thought said he sold beds to shops and hotels :/
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    (Original post by myyrealname)
    i put pessimistic.. massive guess tho hehee
    I put optimistic hehe, massive guess too. At least one of us must be right!
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    I put optimistic!
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    What about that girl who works in an information office (think her name was Anne-Marie)? What did you put for that one?
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    I put optimistic but not too confident, it just seemed to fit.
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    For the Furniture Shop/Factory debate I put factory, because I think he did mention 'magasin' unless I'm thinking of a different question, and he also mentioned hotel, but at the beginning it said he worked for an 'entreprise' I think Which I would guess to mean company, and I think they were selling the beds to the furniture shops and factories. And also for the Optimistic/Solar Panel one, I said that she was optimistic, because she said she was certain there could be change or something, not too sure, just what I thought, probably wrong
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    For the steak one I got "trop dure" so I got too hard... you know like from hard drugs are les drogues dures... so yeah I think it was overcooked/too hard.
    I put factory as well, he sold them to furniture shops for his company I think?
    The camping and girlfriend boyfriend relationship one was hard :/
    Oh well guess we'll see in August..
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    Yes, so glad i put optimistic now!
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    (Original post by neekz)
    I put for that one that he liked his job seeing as he wasnt a sales assistant and only worked in november and december but seriously where did the guy workk??? furniture shop or factory?
    I said that he worked for a Furniture Store that sold beds and sofas to hotels, he was in charge of making people had a "tranquil nights sleep".
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    Did anyone do foundation? Because that's the one I did

    I'm doing higher reading though
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    I put the steak was tough!!!
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    For the Solar Panel one:

    I put that the government is doing little to promote renewable energy (its not a priority)
    also that she was pessimistic because she was saying she was certain that the planet was going to suffer because of not using renewable energy
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    I put the steak was rare because it said saignant or something like that?


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