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Where does Shakespeare get his idea of love from?

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    Shakespeare's love life was meant to be pretty interesting, and i was hoping to learn a bit more about- in the hope i could use it in exams! i know that he married anne hathaway and this may have been a arranged marriage. many people belived he never felt true love and therefore expressed his opinions on love through his plays. there have been studies about shakespeares love life in london- had he had a mistress? it is broadly thought that he never experienced true love. Some people thought he fell in love with a woman that was already married, so loved someone he could never have. Maybe his idea of love was frivilous? he also left his wife the second best bed in his will, which sounds silly but is actually quite an honour as it is the bed married couples sleep in. so- can any one help? any ideas would be gratefully recieved!
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    Shakespeare did supposedly have a mistress, she was from Italy, where he is rumored to have spent a large majority of his time. She was called Emilia, a name that features several times in his plays i.e. Othello. It's interesting to look at the roles the 'Emilia's' in his various plays take, her character is often portrayed in a positive way! Hope that helps!
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    Thankyou so so much! xxx
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    (Original post by EYMOY1113)
    Thankyou so so much! xxx
    No problem X

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Updated: June 13, 2012
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