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Films vs TV

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    What do people prefer?

    A good film or a good TV show?

    My vote is with TV. I think a long running series can create better characters and plot than an (average) 90 minute movie can.

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    5 Years ago I would have said film, but some of the newer TV shows are fantastic
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    wat abbie said

    I am loving game of thrones right now
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    TV I'm not one of these people who could spend all day watching films like some people could.
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    TV for me, I like watching a show and following it from episode to episode I like films as well but I don't watch as many, have to be in the mood for them more I find
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    TV definately for the reason that Dream Weaver mentioned. A film throws every plot twist and character at you at once. There can be no cliff hangers or true plot twists than affect the story in the long term. For example, imagine LOST as a film? Nooooo. TV shows forever!
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    Hmmm this is difficult as TV gets boring... things repeat and it just gets really annoying although saying that if there's a good series of something on then I would probs prefer the TV but otherwise I love movies
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    Ermm Usually I'll take a film over watching the rubbish that usually passes as TV, however I prefer well made film quality TV series to films simply because they last longer so you get more depth.


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Updated: May 30, 2012
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