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Music that gives you Goosebumps..

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    You Win by Pixie Lott
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    (Original post by bambi_eyes)
    Most of his music but especially "Nuvole Bianche" by Luduvico Einaudi
    So haunting
    Yeah, I love that one!
    But my favourite,
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    'Any Other Name' by Thomas Newman is indeed brilliant, as is 'Angela Undress' - both are from the American Beauty soundtrack and are wonderful and contemplative.
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    (Original post by velvetbrain)
    Either Slowdive's Alison or My Bloody Valentine's Sometimes

    In fact everything from both albums, Loveless and Souvlaki give me goosebumps.


    alison is a great shout

    See signature, and then most songs by the gathering.

    Also my favourite song of all time (having been out 3 days I should give it more time before calling Meltdown a contender for that title)

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    (Original post by chaza01)
    Hanz Zimmer is a genius! I love the inception tracks, especially 'time', he also did pearl harbour and Gladiator.
    Thomas Newman is also a genius, composing this:

    And finally, for minimalist music, Ludovico Einaudi.

    Listen, you will like
    Piano!! I Love it some much! Oh and my second names Newman so I definitely win
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    (Original post by Jamito)
    Piano!! I Love it some much! Oh and my second names Newman so I definitely win
    Wait I'm confused, do you mean the piano my Michael Nyman (or at least the soundtrack)

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    (Original post by Jamito)
    Sound tracks are the greatest!! Hans Zimmer makes soo many good ones..

    This neeeds to be used as a soundtrack, it's amazing http://youtu.be/SenbXX0Lkb4?t=1m14s
    Two Steps From Hell <3

    Also one of the composers for TSFH, Thomas Bergersen, makes the most amazing music ever :drool:

    Gives me the shivers everytime.
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    Squeeze- Some Fantastic Place
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    (Original post by DanLorenzo)
    More than magical...

    wow.. Just awesome *-*
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    When I first heard it, Porcelain Heart by Nicola Roberts gave me goosebumps because of when she sings "Please don't break my porcelain heart" near the end and suddenly you hear this power in this voice that comes out of nowhere.

    Also, this song.

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    Now we are free - from the Gladiator soundtrack
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    Explosions In The Sky - What do you go home to?
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    Most songs by my favourite band Within Temptation give me goosebumps, such an outstanding sound!! This song was used as an introduction to the gigs, always made me almost want to cry it was so amazing:
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    Bottom of the River - Delta Rae - it's chilling, but incredible

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    Evanescence- Understanding
    Evanescence- Lithium
    Evanescence- Together Again
    Exit Ten- Something To Say
    Exit Ten- The Cursed
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    How could I forget..

    Placebo- Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush cover)
    Has more emotion imo.


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