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Have you ever been hated by someone for no reason????

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    Say at school or at a job, that one person that you see often and you've never said anything rude or offensive to them as well as never doing anything horrible or cruel to them......yet they still don't like you and you have no idea why.

    This ever happened to you, if so explain your story to us
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    Yeah if people don't like the way you look or something. Nobody can be liked by everyone unfortunately, some people get too jealous etc. For example one time I was in a club and a drunken guy didn't like me because I participated in boxing, dunno why.
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    Yeah, usually because people think I'm smug. Which I don't intentionally try to carry out.
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    Yes. One of my teachers.

    For example the other day I asked to borrow a book, he gave me the book then said "On second thought let me write my name in it, I know what you're like".

    I was talking to a friend of mine outside of school who was wearing a hood and he saw me. As he started walking down my friend started to walk away because he needed to go. Apparently he was sure it was a drug dealer and nearly got me suspended.
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    yes, and i ended up not caring precisely because it was for no reason
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    Of course.

    My sense of humour is sarcastic. A lot of people are idiots that don't understand that what I say is in jest. People take life too seriously.
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    Yeah, I had to work with someone in my class who I never really spoke to before. She pretty much refused to work with me, then told the teacher I didn't do any of the work so she had a go at me. Now the teacher doesn't really like me because she thinks I'm a lazy liar. None of it was my fault
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    I'm pretty sure everyone gets this at some point during high school.
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    Yeah more than I'd like...but then I realised the people who hated me were the arrogant type so I stopped caring about what they thought when I realised.
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    I have a friend who hates people for no particular reason. Tends to be their appearance or they way they act.
    I tend to have at least a small reason for hating someone though, like there's this guy in my Chemistry set and he always grabs my stuff without asking and it's incredibly irritating, when I tell him it's rude he just shrugs it off and carries on.
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    I was working with someone in Drama today and she looked like she couldn't get away from me quicker....I've never been rude to her or even barely spoken to her.....there's a lot of us in the group, I was surprised by it
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    I have found that when you're not meeting someone's expectations as an audience member for their bull****, they tend to dislike you.


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    Yes, lots of times.
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    Yeah happened many times to me, it's like when you walk past someone and they just start laughing at you etc. and you have no idea why. I have got used to it now so I dont care anymore.
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    Yeah quite a few times in different times and places. I think it shows you're pretty weak-minded if you let someone affect you so much without them doing anything to directly upset you.
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    nope, they've always had a very very good reason.
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    This is one thing about people I will never get. It happened a lot in high school, I had done nothing wrong to anyone yet I was hated by some people whom I never talked to. Its strange I wasn't excelling by any means or had anything to be jealous about as far as I knew. I was just a usual kid... This kind of stuff goes away in later life from my experience or people resort to talking behind your back, either way not so obvious. If you're being friendly and not invasive then why should you be hated? Sometimes I think I will never understand some people.

    Oh by the way if someone rabidly hates you, they are either incredibly jealous or just looking for flaws in you. Ignore all of these people, they obviously no compassion for people and don't even deserve to be taken seriously. People are supposed to grow and understand more about the world and not be so close minded and hateful for no reason.

    Just gotta deal with it!
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    Well if they don't have a reason... you better give them one
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    Yes, this has happened to me. When I was at school, girls would pick on me or ***** about me when they barely even knew me!

    On the other hand, there have been times when I have taken an instant unexplained dislike to someone. I try not to treat anyone unfairly before I know them, but sometimes they prove me right!
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    My dad
    My Maths Teacher at school
    That dwarf in my book club who steals my opinions


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