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INGROWN HAIRS - people that get them?

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    do you get ingrown hairs from waxing? if yes, do you get more ingrown hairs from waxing or epilating?

    I used to epilate my legs rather than shave 'cause my mum said it would make them lighter and thinner and just less of it over time, i did this for about a year only to realise i was getting loads of ingrown hairs and it was just horrendous picking it out/getting scars. For the past couple of years now, I've been shaving and the scars seem to have gone as have the ingrown hairs. Its just a pain having to shave so often especially now its the summer! I was thinking of getting it waxed but im worried i might have the issue with ingrowing hairs again as the principal is the same - the hairs are pulled out by the roots. One of my friends swears by waxing not causing this (though she is also prone to ingrown hairs by epilating) but im a bit scared juts going ahead and trying it incase i do get them ha - just wanted more opinions really?

    I can't help with this question but I think I have an ingrown hair, it looks like a shot and hurts, but I am sure i can see a hair, do i pluck it out?

    i've always had ingrown hairs on my arms and legs, i just thought it was a genetic thing or some kind of skin condition
    and i find that using hair removal cream is a really good way to get rid of them
    and ive heard that its really bad to pull out ingrown hairs as they can leave really bad scars

    I get them in my legs from when I shave. I always get paranoid about how it will imbed in my skin so I use tweezers to get it out. (Ew - I know)

    I agree with LostOnAnIsland in regard to hair removal cream!


    If you exfoliate frequently you shouldn't be getting ingrown hairs

    I'm in the same position at the moment. I exfoliate every time I shower to stop ingrown hairs, but my epilator destroyed my legs.. I have a few small scars left and this is like 5 months later.. I've stopped using it, the scars are slowly fading...

    I still heard of people getting ingrown hair from waxing, although it does remove a small layer of your skin at the same time which is exfoliating basically. However you may still end up getting ingrown hair..I know some girls still do... Give it a go for a couple of months and see I'm sticking to shaving until my scars fade away then I might start waxing.

    Get some kind of hair removal cream and use it and then afterwards use a dry towel or loofah and rub the area for a few minutes. Then with most hair removal creams you get a finishing cream too, if you don't have one use sudocrem or savlon!

    I used to get ingrown hairs ALL the time whether I shaved, waxed or epilated and I haven't had one in ages by doing this!

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    I was considering getting an epilator because I shave my legs and heard epilators are the best method in terms of slow regrowth etc. But i am horrifically prone to ingrown hairs. Out of the three methods I use: wax, shave, hair cream. I found waxing gives the best results. Shaving makes the ingrown-ness even worse. So I'm not sure whether to go with epilating or not, because some of you have said epilation and waxing are the same principle (both pulls the hair out) but waxing seems to work for me

    To the OP... I say exfoliate as much as you can, moisturise as often as you can. Everyday if you an. Has helped me loads. And I use a tweezer to sort out the ingrown-ness... Can't seem to think of anything more efficient


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Updated: May 19, 2012
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