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student finance asking for my tuition fee but i dont know it yet ?

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    hello, so on like the first page student finance application it is asking me for my tuition fee, it calculated it for me and said it was £8,500, and if this is incorrect select no and put in the correct amount myself. It is correct but if its including the discounts and awards i get from the uni it isnt, it goes down to atleast £6,500

    so firstly do does the discounts from the uni itself effect this or is the "8,500 correct?

    iF so then there is also the Vice Chancellor's Excellence Scholarship discount which could reduce to more but i obviously dont know if i qualify for that yet untill i get my results and find out how many ucas points i get, so what should i do about that ? i think i may get the grades to qualify for it but i obviously cant be sure

    any help ?
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    If I was you I'd just say that it's correct. I don't think the scholarship stops you having tuition fees anyway? I thought you got that like an extra bursary. I might be wrong though. Phone Student Finance and ask them.
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    hmmm, i may have to phone them, it kinda just seemed like it was asking for the final figure of the tution fee for the first year, and the actual amount including the discounts is less than that.

    i wish they made it clearer !!!:mad:
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    You put your total max tuition fee down, not including any fee waivers or scholarships.

    The uni/SF will sort out how much needs to be paid.


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