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Edexcel M1 16 May 2012 Post Exam thread - Paper and Solutions in the FIRST POST

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Find the answers: Edexcel GCSE maths unofficial mark scheme 05-05-2016
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    (Original post by Jeid1)
    If constant is negative, it leads to a negative mass..
    That is true, but the number in front could be 0. I got a positive value, but I'm just saying it can strictly be negative provided the number in front is too
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    (Original post by Arsey)
    solutions are now up
    Arsey, can you suggest how many marks I'd lose for the following stupid mistakes:
    1) Q5c - I used the downward force as M*V (4*28=112) rather than M*g, then did F=ma, then SUVAT.. so I used the wrong values when doing F=ma and SUVAT.

    2) Q6c - For some reason I did 7-4=4 rather than 7-4=3, so I got the distance as root(32) not 5 (I think I simply typed 4 instead of 3 into my calculator).

    3) Q7c - I drew thrust acting away from the particle, then got it as a negative, then changed the above working to make the left direction positive so that it effectively acted into the particle, and got the correct answer 0.125N. So my working was dodgy, but I got the correct answer for Thrust.

    Many thanks.
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    How many marks do you think I'd lose for Q7d...I worked out the acceleration for P only which obviously gave me the wrong distance. However, my methods correct...
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    (Original post by Dominic.)
    ****, I forgot the 4g on 5(c) as well. I put 0.31 as the answer though, so I wonder if I'll get away with that...even though 3.16 doesn't even round to that
    This made me laugh :') don't worry, though, you're not alone. I think a bunch of us forgot to include the 4g. The mistakes you make when you're under pressure:erm:
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    (Original post by oli_G)
    Hmm, I was so happy that I checked out the examsolutions bit on trust before the exam. :lol:
    which video? i'd been through almost all the videos and didnt see anything on thrust.

    only question i got wrong -.-
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    I drew something (just force and things) by pencil on some diagrams on the paper ? Is that ok? They still mark my paper right
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    (Original post by Cassie2801)
    I drew something (just force and things) by pencil on some diagrams on the paper ? Is that ok? They still mark my paper right
    Yeah it says on the front you can use a pencil for diagrams
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    yes but i didn't draw my own. i just drew on printed diagrams on the paper ?
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    (Original post by Cassie2801)
    yes but i didn't draw my own. i just drew on printed diagrams on the paper ?
    thats what most people do
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    In 5c I put "17.5m" as the velocity of the particle, exam stress
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    oh no! For the bearings question I did 360 - 32 = 328 , not 270 + 32 :| , how many marks would I drop do you reckon? Oh and i may have left thrust as a negative number (-1/8), would that matter? Altho, i think i did put modulus signs around it so?

    Edit - I also realized I only worked out the distance PG and didn't subtract that + other lengths from 3m. Would I get 3/4 for that?
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    I had a few questions about M1 june 2012

    First off i got a low B on C1 in jan due to slacking off :s , now i am taking C2 and M1 and i require an 86-84 in M1 and 85-88 in C2 to gain an overall A , in the M1 i had a few questions "final" answers wrong :

    1. the mass in Q1 but i had the equation : MV-MU = 3.3 N how much will i lose? (i substituted the values too)

    2.The moments , R was correct , AG was not i made a small mistake in the Moment EQ but i took it at A ? how much will i lose?

    3. Total time : , i Had deceleration time correct but i made a mistake in calculating the Area of the trapizium the Height was wrong so T was wrong , it had 8 marks , how much will i lose?

    4.Vectors final part : i got the EQ right and the time 11/4 but canceled it out i was scared.. but rest of the Question i got full marks. will i gain marks?

    5. i got the Thurst value correctly because i thought its the same rule but i wrote T instead of Th but it was 1/8 will i lose marks?

    off topic : C1 was hard i heard , i am afraid i need to get 90 UMS and not less in C2 since it is a retake , do u expect it to be hard? thanks for your help !!
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    i got 4(c) wrong, but i still wrote out some kind of equation consisting of areas of the shapes equalling 1960, so would i get some of the 8 marks for that?
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    Yess! Phew, that was a relief. I think 100. Now stats time.
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    Did any one get 2.2 N for the thrust... in Q7 e) ????
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    Oh ok I just saw the attached file.... and I totally f***ed up -___-
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    How many marks do you think I lost if I put 150 as the total time for the car to get from point A to point B in question 4? One mark?
    It seems as though I've done everything else correct based on these answers, so I'm just wondering if I can still get 100 UMS. Does anyone here think that that is likely?

    Edit: For question 4 I did the working out right and used the method shown in this mark scheme, but due to time pressure, must have gotten 150 and not 155.
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    (Original post by Arsey)
    solutions are now up
    Hi Arsey, Thank you for this.

    Just a quick question if in question 5b, I used the distance as 19m about GROUND instead of 19m above A, but my method was still correct, how many marks would I possibly lose?

    Thanks again
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    can't believe I did the moments part b wrong :L ooooooh dear.
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    (Original post by Arsey)

    Arsey, for question 4c, in the last few mins or so I realised I had the wrong answer so changed it and kind of crossed through my previous working out so all I have really is 2170 = 14t, t=155 but because it was an easy paper I'm thinking they're gonna not mark kindly and only give like 2 marks since I'm sure the 8 marks compose of the method too ?


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