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C2 May 2012 Edexcel - Post Exam Thread - Paper and Solutions in the FIRST POST

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    C2 May 2012

    Overall I think this was a very easy paper.

    Q1 Binomial Expansion

    Standard and no tricky b)

    Q2 Logs

    Standard, very easy

    Q3 Circles

    I expected a rearranging into circle form, the rest of the question was very easy, part d) was a joke

    Q4 Factor Theorem

    Very easy

    Q5 Area under a graph by integration

    Slightly harder than normal as trapeZia often cause problems

    Q6 Trig

    I thought this was pretty easy but I understand it has caused quite a few problems

    Q7 Trapezium rule


    Q8 Trig

    Pretty standard, lots of frameworking.

    Q9 Geometric series

    I hope you learnt the proof.... rest of the question was straight forward.

    I think the boundaries will be really high

    Last few June boundaries were 62, 62, 53, 63, 59, 67 for 80ums

    I will guess at

    100ums - 75
    90ums - 70
    80ums - 65
    70ums - 57
    60ums - 50
    50ums - 43
    40ums - 36

    This thread will be locked at somepoint and then unlocked at midnight following the Core 2 examination. I will upload the paper and my solutions to this post.

    I will do my best to answer questions about the paper but please try to read the thread first so that I am not answering the same questions lots of times.Here are some links to previous D1 threads, they are worth a read and you will see what the common errors were...

    C2 Jan 2012 - http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/show....php?t=1892666

    C2 June 2011 - http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/show....php?t=1619114

    The second link has loads of past papers, mark schemes, model solutions etc

    Good luck.
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  2. File Type: pdf 12 May C2 RA.pdf (619.4 KB, 21947 views)
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    The exam was reasonable the cast question was quite unusual and so was the differentiation bit but all the rest of the questions were alright
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    So how was the paper?
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    I think this went quite well, though of course I'll find out once the markscheme goes up!
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    Just hoping I haven't made too many stupid mistakes.
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    Damn it I wanted to post first
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    Couldn't have asked for a better paper
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    I thought it was the easiest in a long time.
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    (Original post by The_Pen)
    So how was the paper?
    a lot easier than the others!!
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    85mm^2 for the pill question value of A? 2.122 for the radius at that time if I remember correctly.
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    pretty good, just waiting for the paper to get uploaded for an approx
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    Was i really supposed to know the Sum of N? Come one!! Not Fair
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    Does anyone know when the answers will be worked out by?
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    I honestly think the grade boundaries will be really stupidly high
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    Yeah gotta agree, was a good paper
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    how long does it usually take for the paper to be uploaded?
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    Boundaries must be high for this one
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    i thought it was ok
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    Decent paper , I reckon bondaries will be high, last question was the easiest question to finish a paper ever?
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    (Original post by Mathsgirlll)
    Was i really supposed to know the Sum of N? Come one!! Not Fair
    I swear someone predicted that on the C2 thread (might have been Arsey) - I went and learnt it as well luckily enough...
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