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C2 May 2012 Edexcel - Post Exam Thread - Paper and Solutions in the FIRST POST

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    I couldn't believe how easy this was, smh.
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    Didn't have a clue on how to do the trig identities question + keyed in wrong value for differentiation lost so many marks there already
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    Boundaries are going to be high.
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    Arsey did say it was the only proof you needed to know.
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    (Original post by ArsLongaVitaBrevis)
    85mm^2 for the pill question value of A? 2.122 for the radius at that time if I remember correctly.
    thats what I got
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    Where the mark scheme???

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    That has to be the easiest C2 paper i've ever seen in comparison to past papers! Couldn't have asked for anything better! Just hoping c3 and c4 are that easy too :P
    How did everyone else find it ?
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    I think the prove that Sn = whatever could throw quite a few people off
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    I'm hoping I didn't muck up the integration because a lot of subbing in and rearranging is involved...
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    God, that paper was easy
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    Anyone use 90 degrees. I didn't and just used 0 and 180 plus the 2 cos degrees.
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    (Original post by 0range)
    thats what I got
    Hi five!
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    what did people get for the area under the curve or whatever it was?
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    (Original post by craycray)
    Didn't have a clue on how to do the trig identities question + keyed in wrong value for differentiation lost so many marks there already
    looooool OMG I DID THAT @ THE START!!!!
    somehow got 120 / 4(pi) = 30(pi)
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    (Original post by Part A)
    I swear someone predicted that on the C2 thread (might have been Arsey) - I went and learnt it as well luckily enough...
    Hmm, I think he did. I thought it would come up as it seemed to repeat itself every few years
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    Hi.. (waiting for model answers )
    I think it was ok, but I was re-taking. Our L6 was complaining about the logs in question 2.. but that's them

    Anyway, in question 3 for the perimeter of the sector I forgot to add the radius, so basically I calculated jsut the arc length (as 9.28).
    And in question 6 I only got 0°, 39.2° & 90°, and not the other two solutions.
    How many marks would I have dropped there? I'm hoping for 90UMS, and if that's it, it should be alright, shouldn't it?

    Thanks (also to Arsey for providing this!)

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    did you guys 364/6 something for the area
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    did anyone get the first term on the geometric series equalling to 15, the common ratio being 0.6, and the sum to infinity being 37.5? i got something like that.
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    Expecting only 1 mark lost due to forgetting to round the 85mm^3 question, apart from that it was fine, the exam took me 20 minutes to finish, checked over (missing the "round to the nearest integer" part of that question) and went to sleep. Hoping for no more stupid mistakes.
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    (Original post by 0range)
    I honestly think the grade boundaries will be really stupidly high
    Grade boundaries shouldn't be high. For C1 and C2 grade boundaries hardly ever fluctuate and are always around 60/75 for the A which is normally 80% anyways! So dw too much about that =/
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