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C2 May 2012 Edexcel - Post Exam Thread - Paper and Solutions in the FIRST POST

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Find the answers: Edexcel GCSE maths unofficial mark scheme 05-05-2016
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    I can't remember this one 2 marker answer I put in there but taking that out I got 73/75
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    how many marks do you think you would need to achieve for an A, B, C and D out of the 75 marks in total?
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    (Original post by Prash3200165)
    57 1/6 or something like that
    I got 56.7, not sure why I was a little off, do you think that's close enough?
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    I read the first question wrong. I thought it was 1 oh dear god.
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    SO annoyed. I made one teeny tiny error on 8c and got the wrong x.

    seeing as 8d and e follow on from c's answer...how many marks would I lose for doing the correct method and everything just wrong values? Would it be :

    1) all the marks for just getting it wrong
    2) I'd get one out of two for each d and e for method marks
    or 3) error carried forward so wouldn't lose marks on d and e, just c?
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    Woah... I think I got 100%
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    Didn't actually know what the trapezium rule was due to missing lessons and not really revising. Scuppered my chance of 100 but that was unlikely. Looking for 90 now.

    Cheers Arsey.
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    for the question 3)c) circle my method is correct but i got the wrong y values how many marks would i lose?
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    for the differentiation if i left x as the cube root of 30/pi will i still get the full marks for x...it is an exact equivalent...or did it say to some sig figures :s
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    I couldn't work out the log question, so I did trial and error and got the right answer - if you get the right answer do you automatically get all the marks?
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    SON OF A *****!!!!

    Well there goes 100 out the window!

    (Original post by Arsey)

    On the integration question, I made a trapezium out of the x values instead of the y values so I had:


    so the area of my trapezium was wrong How many marks would I lose? My method was exactly the same as yours though!
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    (Original post by xxZazxx)
    for the differentiation if i left x as the cube root of 30/pi will i still get the full marks for x...it is an exact equivalent...or did it say to some sig figures :s
    I don't think it asked for sig figs so it should be fine
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    (Original post by Arsey)
    C2 May 2012

    Overall I think this was a very easy paper.

    Q1 Binomial Expansion

    Standard and no tricky b)

    Q2 Logs

    Standard, very easy

    Q3 Circles

    I expected a rearranging into circle form, the rest of the question was very easy, part d) was a joke

    Q4 Factor Theorem

    Very easy

    Q5 Area under a graph by integration

    Slightly harder than normal as trapeZia often cause problems

    Q6 Trig

    I thought this was pretty easy but I understand it has caused quite a few problems

    Q7 Trapezium rule


    Q8 Trig

    Pretty standard, lots of frameworking.

    Q9 Geometric series

    I hope you learnt the proof.... rest of the question was straight forward.

    I think the boundaries will be really high

    Last few June boundaries were 62, 62, 53, 63, 59, 67 for 80ums

    I will guess at

    100ums - 75
    90ums - 70
    80ums - 65
    70ums - 57
    60ums - 50
    50ums - 43
    40ums - 36

    This thread will be locked at somepoint and then unlocked at midnight following the Core 2 examination. I will upload the paper and my solutions to this post.

    I will do my best to answer questions about the paper but please try to read the thread first so that I am not answering the same questions lots of times.Here are some links to previous D1 threads, they are worth a read and you will see what the common errors were...

    C2 Jan 2012 - http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/show....php?t=1892666

    C2 June 2011 - http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/show....php?t=1619114

    The second link has loads of past papers, mark schemes, model solutions etc

    Good luck.

    hey....i just had a few questions....for the integration i used the wrong limits completely (they werent from the answer before). how many marks would i lose for that?...and for the perimeter of the sector i worked out triangle...how many would i lose for that?
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    (Original post by ArsLongaVitaBrevis)
    Just looked through the paper. Full marks!!!!
    Well done. I flopped on the cos2x question.
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    (Original post by oli_G)
    Hi Arsey, cheers for posting a solution.

    For 8)c) would it be alright leaving x as the exact answer (ie the cube root of 30 over pi)?
    i did the exact same thing! hope this is allowed
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    Should be full marks, maybe a few lost for not enough working out shown
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    (Original post by craycray)
    kajenkjnaekfjkaenf thats what i got
    It was my stupid calculator :'(
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    I reckon i got like 54 :/ log and trig question f***** me up!
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    wheres part a in Q3 plz
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    (Original post by xxZazxx)
    for the differentiation if i left x as the cube root of 30/pi will i still get the full marks for x...it is an exact equivalent...or did it say to some sig figures :s
    I did the same thing.

    I'm pretty sure you get the marks because it doesn't specify any sig figures but i've asked arsey.
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