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C4 June 2012 - Post Exam Thread - Paper and Solutions in the FIRST POST

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    (Original post by jandroman767)
    I personally think that will be the boundary for an A*, look at last june papers grade boundaries and their difficulty

    (Original post by Arva)
    Congrats! Well, 69 would give you over 90 UMS in all but one of the past 14 session papers, so you should at least be close enough for your C3 to push it over the boundary!
    awww guys, thanks I don't want to get my hopes up (lost quite a bit om c3 too) but i appreciate it x
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    Anyone have any UMS boundary predictions??

    Hoping 61/75 is like 82 UMS
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    (Original post by Eat.Sleep.Row.Repeat.)
    Hm. For my differential equation, I went further and took one of the Ys to the other side :/ to get 4x^2/12-3y=y. Think I'll lose all the marks for that? :/ other than that full marks
    I did exactly same as you but i don't think we should lose any mark since it is still same answer but just in different form. We also shown the answer in unofficial mark scheme somewhere during our working out. It should be perfectly fine, they shouldn't take away mark for going even further
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    do you loose marks when no putting the modulus sign for lnx things on integration? (questions 1)b and 7)b)

    also for 2)c I made read the question wrong and worked out dA/Dx. so i did v=6x^2, then dV/dx= 12x .... then said it was 96. would i get a mark for the first two things? (the question was out of 3)

    for 3)c it was a two mark question, however i simply stated the answer, would i loose a working out mark?
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    For 1b. I got the integration correct and the final ln soultion but I may have got the constant wrong. How many marks would I lose?
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    Do we get any follow through marks for this? I integrated 1/y for Q4 instead of y; does that mean 5 marks down the drain? Does the first Q get follow through marks?
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    Where are the solutions?
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    For the first question I got the B and C values wrong so consequently differentiated wrong.

    How many marks out of the (4) and (6) do you think i'll get ;\
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    model solutions are now in the first post
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    Grade boundaries arsey?
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    Hopefully about 70 for me. Cheers
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    Really annoyed with myself, did everything right in the last part of the last question apart from making a stupid mistake (I expanded the brackets and got 4lambda = 24) this may have cost me the a* :'( how many marks would I lose for this?

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    (Original post by Arsey)
    model solutions are now in the first post
    Predicted grade boundaries? Thanks for the paper
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    not too bad of a paper 72/75, got 100% C3 so wasnt too concerned should be an A* now time for FP2.
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    I got around 58-62.

    Considering I was failing massively in past papers I will take that!

    Only needed around 50 UMS on this :P
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    Arghhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I got y = 3x instead of y = 3/x by mistake.... got some stupid answer... how many marks am I going to loose? And pleaaase, what raw marks do you reckon you'd need for 82 UMS?? Think my A* s just gone, soo many silly mistakes gutted!
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    How much UMS would you reckon 65/75 would be? Really worried...
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    Haiyya, my calculations for the last bit are rift except I got lambda equals -7, so my final answer was wrong.. Also, I got y=
    +-Root(9/4)but I substituted y=9/4 instead of 3/2by mistake :'( how many lost is that in total?
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    arsey, i got another set of answers for q6...something along the lines of x=3root3 over 10 and y=2root15 over 15...
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    Everyone at my school found this paper reaallyyy hard! I'm definitely not getting the A I need to get into uni :/

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