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M2 May 2012 Edexcel - Post Exam Thread - Paper and Solutions in the FIRST POST

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Find the answers: Edexcel GCSE maths unofficial mark scheme 05-05-2016
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    (Original post by Hamburglar)
    But surely they can't expect us to just put down north. Otherwise I would've written just that and claimed free marks! An idiot like me could answer that!
    No because it could've been acting south if the vertical component turned out to be negative, hence you had to calculate it.
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    How many marks would you lose in Q5 is you got everything right except for a small algebraic slip-up? (as in the impulse vector, direction etc. are correct but the speed is wrong) I probably didn't make a mistake but 40ms^-1 is the only number I don't remember from the exam. :rolleyes:
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    (Original post by Hamburglar)
    Oh my word, I actually had a really good effort on the very last question.

    I had the right idea and I wrote down 10.5, instead of -10.5.

    The rest of my method was completely correct, for goodness sakes! Any ideas how many marks I'll lose for this?

    Surely it's just two right? One for wrong answer and one for incorrect working?
    I did exactly this, lol. 5/14 right?
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    (Original post by hanlem)
    i did this too, bad times!
    thanks for the solutions Arsey
    Oh well guess I need 90 in both FP2 and FP3.

    Live by Further Maths, Die by Further Maths.
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    (Original post by knowledgecorruptz)
    Are you sure?? Would we seriously lose marks for something like this...it's entirely Edexcel's fault that I didn't get this question right! Would I still get 2 marks for working out Y and its direction? I mean, I've seen a past paper where they ask for the horizontal component and they literally just want to know if it's going left or right...
    No, I am not anymore....

    I think you could very well be right.

    My answer is certainly more interesting though...
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    Well okay, I did better than I thought. Though I got the answer to the k mass wrong. I got 13 somehow. I got the inequality with e wrong and I also got the magnitude of the reaction wrong. So worst case scenario meaning I got no method marks, I got 61/75. Honestly coming out of that exam I felt sick and I thought I genuinely got like 30% due to how my answers were weird.

    For that vertical question, I think I must apologise to my examiner since I got a little angry, underlined the word vertical, stated that it was always ninety degrees from the horizontal and that the question is wrong. Honestly that question was stupid. I got the answer wrong sure, but probably due to my rage at the wording.

    The last one was really weird but I came out with 2.5 which is a relief. I did some strange z-angle thing, lol.
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    (Original post by Jorgeyy)
    I was hoping to scrape 90 in FP2 or FP3 to allow me to mess one of them up

    I prefer Core/Pure mathematics anyway and it's an incentive to work hard on these at least
    Yeah, my saving grace was the fact that I know FP3 inside out, I was planning on 90 M2, 95 FP3 and 85 S2 being my marks that make the A* grade, I struggle on FP2 quite a bit, generally marking randomly between 50-85 per test.

    Guess we'll see now, I can't believe today's paper though, that was horrible. Paper of death 2012 without a question.
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    Just want to say thanks to Arsey. These solutions threads you do are so relieving (well, most of the time ).

    I dunno about 3b, I reckon they just wanted you to say up or down...i've seen similar questions where that was all they wanted but w/e. Thanks again
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    (Original post by scherzi)
    I did exactly this, lol. 5/14 right?
    All I remember is that it was a small number, 0.3ish does sound familiar I guess, haha.

    So depressing to see my hard work go to waste.

    Anyway guys, good luck to you all in your other exams, I'm off to sleep. Nighty night.
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    I thought this paper was pretty standard TBH, except for the badly worded question. Thanks for the solutions Arsey. Looking forward to FP1, FP2, FP3, M3 now.
    73/75 should give me 100%. Still leaves a lot for A* in FP2/FP3/M3 :/
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    (Original post by Moiraclaire)
    also what if I said just e< 1/6
    I thought e being less than 1 was common sense, would we really lose a market for omitting it ?
    e < 1/6 is wrong!

    e > 1/6 would gain full marks
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    I've been screwed over so badly by this exam. I'll be lucky to get any higher than a C.
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    (Original post by Arsey)
    e < 1/6 is wrong!

    e > 1/6 would gain full marks
    it's late, I mean e> 1/6
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    (Original post by und)
    Surely 4 marks is too little if they were expecting us to resolve vertically to find the vertical reaction force at the hinge, then horizontally to find the horizontal reaction, and then find both the angle and the magnitude of the combined forces? Normally that sort of question would be about 6 marks.
    I am coming round to thinking you are right, still think it is a daft question...

    that is two questions whose direction is due north... :confused:
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    Does anyone know - if we did S2 last year and did better than M2 (looking likely now) will Edexcel rearrange the modules to try and give you an A* or not? (if that makes sense?!)
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    I forgot to caulculate the direction in 3(b.):eek:
    Question 6 wrong
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    (Original post by Arsey)
    No, I am not anymore....

    I think you could very well be right.

    My answer is certainly more interesting though...
    Haha, yeah I suppose it is...anyway, we'll find out in a few months time

    Think I could've gotten full marks looking at your solutions, don't wanna jinx it though!

    And thanks for the solutions! Don't know what I'd do without them
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    (Original post by Arsey)
    e < 1/6 is wrong!

    e > 1/6 would gain full marks
    How many marks if you did put e<1/6?? Method marks????
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    (Original post by Arsey)
    Good luck.[/FONT]
    Funny thing is I did exactyl what Arsy did for question 3-and wondered its acting only verticlally upwards so state 40.1 N--I wasted so much time panicking for this question and the stupid impulse and projectile last part-

    For the projectile last part. I did was total tiem of flight - time taken for Sv=0--that works out as 2.14 if I am not mistaken
    Arghh this paper!
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    God.... Found 2 mistakes...
    Didn't know that I need to find DIRECTION in 3 b) (didn't see it!)
    And answered 7 c) incorrect - 3s .... I got V equal 50 o_O
    Doesn't matter... Should be 100 or 90 UMS.....


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