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Introvert working with extroverts

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    I started a new job a few weeks ago and a lot of people in the office are extroverted and loud, whereas I am introverted. I will talk to someone if they talk to me but I usualyl just get on with my work. It is really embarassing when an extroverted colleague(particually one guy) forgets about me (my desk is in a small office in the corner that I share with another extrovert but she is really nice) and points out that I am quiet in front of everyone else. When I'm at home and with close friends I am talkative and lively.

    Has anyone ever been in a similar situation and is there anything I can do about this? Starting to wonder why they even gave me the job.
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    Just try and play off of it when they say, "WHY U QUIET", by responding with, "Why are you so loud?". :P
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    Introversion doesn't equal being shy/quiet; There are confident introverts who are loud as well, so trying to open up a bit more to your co-workers will help you with your job and motivation.
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    If you can get on with your work that's fine. If it gets to the point that it interrupts your work and becomes a distraction, yes there is a problem.
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    I have the exact same problem at work,
    loads of people are really loud and talkaltive and are now really good friends from working together but i find it difficult to join in with them sometimes, and i feel really awkward when everyone is involved in a big conversation and i hardly say anything
    i am really talkative with 2/3 people who i work closely with but not with everyone else (even though i started at the same time as a lot of them)
    this post isnt really that helpful but i basically am in a similar situation


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