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Future is looking grim

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    So basically I only just scraped into uni and I've always known I was going to find uni difficult. I've been really srtuggling with the assignments and grapsing the material and today I took my first exam which I know I have failed...

    I only needed 25% to pass but judging by how many questions I missed and the ones I guessed there's a very high chance I got 25%

    I think I may have got 20% if I'm lucky.

    Now this is where the problem is, This is my first year at uni but normally you're allowed to have 4 years of student finance, I used 1 year of student finance for college which means I have 3 years of funding left. If I fail 1 year that's it... I can't resit because I won't have funding for my 3rd year.

    I'm really thinking about just waiting and see what my results were and if I did not pass I think I'll just jack uni in. I was thinking about the armed forces but then when they ask me why I left uni I'll have to tell them I failed my first year and that's going to look terrible....

    I just don't know what to do

    Have you sought help for the problems you're having with your assignments? It could be something that could've easily been solved with a little guidance.

    Talk to a tutor about the problems you've been having - you should still get the opportunity to resit in summer so work with your tutors to work out some sort of plan to help you pass. From next year, get whatever help you can get. It's not uncommon for students to struggle in their first year (whether they just about got in or not) - don't let it hinder any progress you can make. If you're not the naturally academic type, it might take a little extra effort than most but it'll be worth it in the end.

    You never know, you might have passed anyway! But in the meantime, talk to your tutor so you at least know what your options are if you do fail and you're prepared for it.
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    I would have been ok but it was just the way the ****ing qustions were worded! I'm feeling really down at the moment, part of me just wants to wait till I fail and retake the year, wait for student finance to pay me this coming september and then just drop out, rent a bedsit and try my best to join the armed forces. I had plans to join them after leaving uni anyway but I don't even have A-Levels... I just have 3 GCSE's

    I guess I could just tell them I found the first year very hard and I failed it, student finance said they will need carry on the funding for the last year so I decided to drop out?

    God I think I feel depressed for the first time in my life. I revised so damn hard too.

    If you drop out after SF have paid you, you need to repay SF for the time you were not a student, they will find out because the university will deregister you and send the leaving date to SF.

    Whether or not their recent incompetence extends to chasing up students who left their courses early is another matter.
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    I don't care I have full intentions of paying back every penny I borrow but if I drop out whilst retaking my first year, they won't make me pay for years 2 and 3 will they? Well even if they do it isn't the end of the world.... Education just isn't my thing, I'm dumb

    You've made it as far as the exam period so you may as well stick around for a bit longer now. Nothing good can come about from dropping out, if you stick around and fail then you won't be in a worse position.

    Just do your best and try not to stress yourself out; worrying won't help you one bit, quite the opposite in fact. Spend your time revising instead.
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    Well this may seem really selfish but atleast I won't be the only people who will fail..... 2 other people I know score ultra low marks on both their assignments and they need like 60% on the exam and they know nothing about the subject.

    I guess I could re-do the first year, try my best to pass and then drop out, because I can't finish the degree anyway due to no funding for the 3rd year so atleast when any potential employer checks on my record it will say I completed the first year.
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    My second exam went a little better and I have my third one today. I have an extenuating circumstances case on my file from a few months back which if I did fail that first test by a couple of % I think I may be able to get the to bump it upto a pass due to my extenuating circumstances. I hope it doesn't come to that though


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Updated: May 17, 2012
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