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What should I change my name to?

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    Markus Reale
    Jordan Orelo
    Gabriel Noir

    Rufus Flyte?

    lol Ben Dover is the best one yet. ..

    (Original post by Flyteryder)
    For personal reasons, I want to change my name by deed poll. I'm a white British guy. At the moment I'm thinking Taylor Flyte, any other suggestions?

    I mean my real life name, not my TSR name.
    why, whenever you hear of someone changing their name, is there always "by deed poll" added on? what the hell is a deed poll? are there other ways to change a name?

    Last name: Air
    First name: Maximilian

    (Original post by Strawberrycayk)
    Haha that's what I was thinking of doing too
    Its certainly added to the list of possible/future puppy names!

    Im settled on Guile atm if its a boy, although I would call one flyte if he is a red and white collie cos I think it suits!


    James Bond

    Mike Hunt

    Ben Dover...
    or ivana yu ... middle name phok

    on a side note, ive contemplated changing my name to... though from other users responces here, it sounds like an imperfect system thats a pain in the ass to deal with...

    Thunderlips Jhones

    Alan skeleton
    Rubert Scuff
    Mario Sucre
    Donald Duck
    Roasted nuts

    (Original post by FreddieK)
    On a serious note, when you think of a name, consider how many ways it could be spelt and how tedious it could get telling people:

    "It's Flyte."

    "Is that F-L-I..?"

    "No, F-L-Y..."


    Trust me, I live with this kind of thing. I have, in the words of Daphne du Maurier, a 'lovely and unusual name', but if I had a pound for every time I'd had to spell it...
    This is true! I don't even have an unusual name, just one with lots of spelling variations. There are at least four places in my name with the potential for spelling mistakes, which leads to getting lost on databases, people sending emails to a misspellt address etc. a lot.



    flynn Rider

    My Uncle named himself General Cannibal, my auntie is now married to him and she's called Allison Cannibal.

    Why do you want a weird name? It's a curse, every conversation with someone new I meet is name related, thanks to my name being foreign :\

    This was posted from The Student Room's Android App on my HTC Wildfire S A510e


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