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Lifting log with intermittent cardio on the side

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    Will update the info section when I get a chance. Basically haven't been lifting long and I'm going for all round athleticism/aesthetics.
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    DL: 2x3x100kg, 1x130kg
    Slowly testing my DL max with singles, dislike sets of 5 for DLs as form breaks down so much by the 5th.
    Chins: 3x10 BW
    Bent over rows: 10, 10, 12 at 60kg
    Above two were fine.

    Face pulls, hammer curl and hamstring curls.

    Plan tomorrow is run before breakfast, gorge on carbs and then to the gym. I'll probably bottle the run though.
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    Didn't run.

    Incline DB bench: 3x6x27.5kg, 2x10x20kg
    Dips: 5x10kg, 3x5x20kg
    Seated DB press: 7, 8, 9 with 20kg

    Cable flies, CGBP, Pushdowns, Upright rows, side raises
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    Cycled yesterday, about 50 minutes with some hills. But the cardio's been undone by Sainsbury's inability to stock semi skimmed, had to get full fat milk.

    DLs: 5x60kg, 3x80kg, 2x100kg, 2x3x120kg
    Chins: 5 BW, 3x5 with 5kg, 5 with 10kg
    Bent over rows: 8x45kg, 8x60kg, 8x65kg, 8x70kg, 5x80kg

    Seated rows, decline cable rows, face pulls and hammer curls

    Would have gone for 3 plate DL but back wasn't fantastic. Will probably go for it next session. Rest was fine bar the last set of bent over rows which had dodgey form.
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    Incline DB Bench: 3x5x30kg then 10, 7 with 22.5kg
    Dips: 3x8 with 15kg
    Seated DB press: 9, 9, 8 at 20kg

    Cable flies, CGBP and side raise drop set.

    Alls good. Seated DB press was annoying because this guy kept standing in the way of the mirror and putting me off, reckon I had 3x10 in me.
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    (Original post by Slick Fosbury)
    Incline DB Bench: 3x5x30kg then 10, 7 with 22.5kg
    Dips: 3x8 with 15kg
    Seated DB press: 9, 9, 8 at 20kg

    Cable flies, CGBP and side raise drop set.

    Alls good. Seated DB press was annoying because this guy kept standing in the way of the mirror and putting me off, reckon I had 3x10 in me.
    Any reason why you don't do standing barbell press?
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    (Original post by Old School)
    Any reason why you don't do standing barbell press?
    This is kinda what I was asking in your own thread. The main issue is squat rack is often in use (Why I rarely squat too) and I don't like cleaning it up/using bench to rack it. Also as a secondary DB press hits my side delts better, but admittedly I can give them all the stiumuls they need from up right rows/side raises.

    However going home soon and the gym at home has a squat rack that's nearly always free. Was going to shift most of my focus back to bar work then anyway.
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    Chins: 4 BW, 5, 5, 5, 4 with 10kg
    DB rows: 2x5x30kg, 2x8x27.5kg, 10x25kg

    Seated row, cable row, hammer curls and preacher curls.

    Really hate pull days at the moment, wasn't feeling DLs. Exams start soon though so I will miss a few days because of that and hopefully regain some motivation. I enjoy weighted chins a lot now, but I need a row I enjoy adding weight to.
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    Exam tomorrow so no gym but decided I'd go for a run anyway. Jogged about 10 minutes out to a field then did HIIT. I'd say 20-25 seconds sprinting with 25-40 seconds rest for 12 times. Then did the same with 10 seconds rest for 3 reps.

    Came very close to throwing up. Sprawled out on a bench light headed then jog-walked home. I know I should be doing 20 minutes of HIIT but mentally I struggle.
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    DB Bench: 6, 6, 5 at 30kg, 2x10 at 22.5kg
    Dips: 3x5 with 10kg, 22x3 with 20kg
    Standing press: 50kg failed, 3x40kg
    DB seated press: 10, 9, 7 at 20kg

    Cable flies, press machine, up right rows, side raises followed by side raise drop set

    DB Bench is getting dry. Think by now I have good control over them, it's just an issue of raw strength. On a similar note, standing press was ridiculously difficult. In less than a month I'm on holiday so no more lifting, then post that I will build back up to bar work with DB work as assistance. But for now will hammer DBs.

    Hope the drop set burn will turn into mass. Side delts :coma:
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    DL: 5x60kg, 3x80kg, 2x100kg, 1x120kg, 8x100kg
    Chins: 3 BW, 4, 4, 3 with 15kg, 5 BW
    DB Rows: 5, 6 ,7 at 32.5kg then 2x15 at 25kg

    Cable rows, face pulls, hammer curls on preacher bench

    DLs were just hard. Was aiming to go up to 1x140kg but too dangerous when I'm not on form. Rest was average. Really like hammer curls on the preacher though.
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    DB Bench: 5x20kg, 10, 10, 9 at 27.5kg
    OHP: 8, 7, 8 at 20kg
    Dips: 3x5 20kg

    CGBP, rope push down, upright rows, side raise drop set

    DB bench was infuriatingly close to 3x10, I obviously could have done it but had that how typical would it be to miss the last rep thought. I defo need to man up more. The other day I did a side raise drop set going down to 2.5kg, accidently picked up two 5kg dumbbells yet I could grind out 8 more reps... Suggests to me I'm a massive pussy haha.

    Few other general things;
    - Will post up pictures at some point
    - I've never seen anyone in the gym weaker than me at a similar size, although tbf my assistance work is strong, just my main lifts are poor
    - Nearly 15 stone
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    Squats: 3x8x60kg
    Chins: 5, 5, 4 at 15kg
    DB Rows: 3x5x35kg

    Cable rows, hammer curls

    Short work out because I couldn't really be arsed. First time squatting in months and I never did it regularly before then. Skies out thighs out baby.
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    DB Bench: 1x32.5kg, 6, 7, 8 at 30kg
    Dips: 3x7 at 20kg
    Seated OHP: 3x12x17.5kg

    Plus cable flies, rope pushdown, side raises and front raises super setted

    32.5kg was damn hard so gave up, the 30kg's after were nice, had good control and felt it in my chest so much. Rest was fine.
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    Been going to the gym most days. Few recent workouts;

    DB Bench:
    4, 4, 5 at 32.5kg,
    9 at 27.5kg
    6, 6, 5 with 20kg

    Cable flies, ab work

    DB Bench I could have maybe got 3x5 but wasn't confident enough. Was under time constraints so had to call it a day.

    Deadlift: 10x60kg,

    5 BW,
    5, 4, 4 with 10kg,
    2 with 15kg

    DB rows:
    then with no rest between each 5x37.5kg, 8x30kg, 8x25kg

    Face pulls, hammer curls, reverse curls

    Was ok. Some **** moved in front of the side mirror on DLs so setting back was a bit difficult. Really like 20 rep reverse curls as a fore arm exercise.

    DB seated OHP:


    Side raises, front raises, rope push down and some more ab work

    Enjoyed this work out a lot.
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    DB Incline bench:
    4 at 20kg, 3 at 25kg
    7 at 30kg
    3x5 at 32.5kg
    5 at 27.5kg

    Warm up sets felt hard, then failed the 30kg which is poor considering I should be able to get 10 (Was going for 8). Then with the 32.5s I just thought **** it, I'm gonna grit my teeth and make these reps. That's exactly what I did, they weren't pretty but I got them.

    5 BW
    3x8 with 20kg

    Nice liked these a lot, was getting good depth and a nice negative too.

    Cable flies, weighted sit ups and some planks

    Overall it was a good work out.
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    Seated DB press;
    5x15kg, 5x20kg
    4,3,2 with 27.5kg
    5, 10 with 20kg

    8, 8, 10 with 60kg


    Cba really. Hungover. DB press was horrible, ego lifting to the max tbh.


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