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Any of you have hopeless teachers?

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    Hey guys;

    Was just wondering, but, do any of you have some hopeless teachers? I mean, either really boring or talk waaaaay too fast?
    If so, what did you do to counteract this problem?

    Well, to be fair, I think I learn more from this guy in a couple of hours than I do from my teacher in the whole week!

    You know Examsolutions' YouTube Channel?
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    Discretely self-teach using the textbook at the back of class. Making a big deal out of it, complaining etc. never really works, can be rude and, sometimes, it's just that their teaching style doesn't fit your learning style. "Poor teaching" for me might not be poor teaching for everyone else, and vice versa.

    Khan Academy is an excellent place to learn, particularly for calculus and basic physics and mechanics
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    We had a GCSE Maths teacher who was a total fail.
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    (Original post by Scienceisgood)
    really boring

    Do you imagine that your teacher is there to entertain you?
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    I self taught myself at home and in class, I just doodled. I got decent grades at the end anyway
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    I think there are far more bad students than bad teachers.
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    Oh my God yes! I had her for two years and because she was South African and she talked really fast so nobody understood a word she said!! Her looks were also the joke of the class! And the infamous Gatley pose
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    (Original post by Scienceisgood)
    Hey guys;

    Was just wondering, but, do any of you have some hopeless teachers? I mean, either really boring or talk waaaaay too fast?
    If so, what did you do to counteract this problem?

    Well, to be fair, I think I learn more from this guy in a couple of hours than I do from my teacher in the whole week!

    You know Examsolutions' YouTube Channel?
    My case was also similar, my maths teacher is also quite bad in teaching so i had to use examsolutions and the book to learn. Though i managed to get fine marks in the exam.
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    For the first year of GCSE my history teacher didn't do a whole lot of teaching. Now, he's a really sweet old man, really lovable, but he just talks too much about his own life! When he actually gets down to teaching, he's a really good teacher, but I have no memories of being taught in year 10 history.

    Unfortunately, because it was only GCSE there were a few people there who didn't really want to learn and egged him on. It didn't help that the stories he told us were actually interesting! I know everything about his life now though... and his wife, and his daughter and his childhood and just everything!
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    My chemistry teacher is a total pain. He's too young and is just concentrated on going out.. throughout the course he qualified all the important stuff as not important therefore I decided to work my bits out and eventually got an A on my own, the only one in the whole school year whilst the ones that decided to `complain througout the course managed to get straight U grades; therefore follow my advice and try to study by your own
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    When I was in year 8 and 9 we had no maths for two years because our teacher kept having panic attacks and crying and leaving class and the cover teachers had no clue so when my class started GCSE in year 10 we had to go back over everything from year 8. But I don't blame her, I blame the school for not realising she was not fit to teach and taking 2 years to find us a new teacher.
    My current a level teacher is pretty good
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    My Drama/English teacher is going senile, I SWEAR. She never keeps to the mark schemes and asks for so much more than we can actually do in a timed essay...
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    my chemistry teacher is so overly in his abilities that when we do past papers he compares our answers to his own instead of the mark scheme. not surprisingly he is often wrong half the stuff he teaches us is irrelevant to the course, because he teaches us what he thinks we should know, not what we need to know
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    The teachers at my school were pretty great for the most part, but we had one teacher for A Level English Lit who just used to have a little social club going with a few of the girls in the class. We very rarely actually got round to doing any work because she was busy talking about her dog, or her boyfriend. Had to learn most of the stuff for that module of my A Level elsewhere.
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    One of physics teachers was a nice enough guy (seemed like a bit of an alcy, but can't really blame him), but had a pretty weird concept of constructive work. In other words, one lesson he'd bitch about how little of the course we'd completed, and then the next lesson we'd spend the whole hour cutting out and sticking physics 'puzzles' (eg match the title (like hookes law) to the definition)... Unfortunately in Y12 the other teacher was a newly qualified and very smart, and so assumed we knew everything, and got a bit grumpy when we didn't, and in Y13 his replacement was middle aged ex navy lass, who was pretty much teaching herself the course at the same time as she was teaching us... The worst bit was she was soo bloody lovely that you couldn't ever be pissed off at her, until you got home, tried to do an exam question, and realised it was nothing like what we'd been 'taught'...
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    I think everyone has at least one bad teacher in their time at school. My worst was my physics teacher who arrived late for class everyday by 15 mins and then continued to go and make himself a cup of tea after telling us to read a textbook page we had read already. Thankfully he has retired now and we only had him once a week.
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    My Graphics GCSE teacher left after the first term of year 10, got a cover who didn't seem to have any qualifications in Graphics and we learnt nothing that we actually needed to know in the whole of year 10. We did get a new teacher in year 11, but by then most of the class had lost interest. I think about 3 of us got over a C, I was the only person with a B. Worst GCSE choice.
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    I had a chemistry teacher who used to turn up for class, stay for long enough to tell us which passages to copy from the text book, then leave again only to return five minutes before the end of class. Very little learning was achieved. We used to jump about on the desks and have parties. I think the other chemistry class nearly burned down the room by making flamethrowers with the bunsen burners and gas taps.
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    My maths teacher from year 9 to 11 was really bad. Everyone loved him because he was always joking around and doing non maths stuff with us, he never made us do work really. I'm kind of glad because it meant I got to have fun for 3 years and I still did well but it does make me think GCSE maths is too easy, if we actually worked hard we could have learnt so much in that time. I'm not just saying 'im really smart because I didnt work and still did well' nobody in my class did any work in lesson time really and I cant see many of them working hard at home. There were 3A*s which is bad for a top set of 30 people but everyone else except 1 go an A.
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    Never expect the teachers to teach you, anything


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Updated: May 19, 2012
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