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    I totally endorse this :yy:
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    (Original post by MacCuishy)
    The irony is that the guillotine was used after the king and queen were overthrown - resulting in the massacre of thousands of often innocent people.

    I'm not sure it's something that the Republican campaign would like to be associated with.
    Nice one.

    <3 x
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    (Original post by stanlas)
    Most Conservatives on TSR seem to be for the monarchy, with the notable exceptions of the prime minister and the transport secretary. I don't think that TSR Conservative Party is taking any official position on this referendum (it will let individual members chose which side they will support)
    Ahem... do I not count?
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    (Original post by tehFrance)
    Ahem... do I not count?
    Of course you count dear.
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    (Original post by Metrobeans)
    There'll be an opportunity to properly debate the Monarchy when the referendum thread is posted next Friday.
    Can non-MPs vote in this referendum? :holmes:
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    (Original post by davidmarsh01)
    Of course you count dear.

    What are you? 1000?
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    (Original post by TopHat)
    We don't see this as a left/right issue, and we have people of all political shades. While the Monarchist campaign has the support of all UKIP MPs, and the Republican campaign has the support of all Socialist MPs (I think!), every single other one of the 4 Parties have their MPs split. There are some Conservative monarchists, some Conservative republicans, some Labour monarchists, some Labour republicans. Arguably, the republicans are a broader church (while we have no UKIP MPs, we do have a UKIP non-MP, whereas the monarchists don't have any Socialists, MP or not), but both sides are varied. The Conservatiev Prime Minister, Transport Secretary, and Agriculture and Rural AffairsSecretary are all republicans.

    In addition, the TSR parties are quite different to their real life parties! For example, TSR UKIP, economically, is not as rightwing as their RL equivalents, the TSR Conservatives are probably more economically rightwing than their RL equivalents, but much more socially leftwing. Similarly, TSR Labour is more leftwing than their RL equivalent, and much more socially leftwing.
    Us monarchists have most of the TSR Lib Dems :colone:
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    (Original post by tehFrance)
    Ahem... do I not count?

    Forgot about you
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    (Original post by PoGo HoPz)
    Can non-MPs vote in this referendum? :holmes:
    Yep. Anyone on TSR can vote, provided they have been here over 3 months and have more than 150 posts.
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    (Original post by Rakas21)
    I prominently endorse this.

    Not sure how much i will be able to contribute but i think i write pretty good manifestos so will help out.
    Your last election result doesn't show that :smug:

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    The only thing I'd say - and it may be a small point, but hear me out - is that I'd avoid terming the thing in such a way that it sounds like you're against the people behind the monarchy. By all means go against the institution if you wish, but seperate that from the people who are currently there, otherwise you risk alienating some. It just comes across as a little bit petty otherwise.
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    I completely agree. I respect the current Queen for what she has done for the country, but I dislike the entire institution of the British monarchy - hence my support for this campaign.
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    (Original post by Paul McCartney)
    Subscribed :yy:

    Is there, by any chance, a UKIP banner?


    There is. :P

    (Sorry, it's not fantastic... UKIP's logo is the hardest to work with...)
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    (Original post by Paul McCartney)
    Subscribed :yy:

    Is there, by any chance, a UKIP banner?
    Excellent to see you here, UKIP were claiming 100% support within their party!

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    (Original post by jesusandtequila)
    Just found this lying around on the computer...it'll do?


    How's that?
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    The campaign seems to be going really well and I fully support this campaign.

    I'm happy to do bits and pieces to help out but I'm not fully committed to any roles and it's the exam season and I want to make sure that I get it right this year.
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    (Original post by R.P.Everything.)
    Queen Elizabeth's not doing a bad job, but God save us when we have 'King Charles', so I will be voting for a republic when the time comes.

    But I decided to post, because I was shocked to see - a conservative supporting abolition of the monarchy? I'm new here, but is that really the stance of the conservative party in the student room?
    If you think about it, monarchies are completely against right wing values: the whole argument of the right is that anyone should be able to work their way to the very top, a monarchy directly contradicts this!

    The left obviously tends to believe in equality, which again a monarchy flies in the face of.

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    Hopefully a feature on this referendum can be put into the AD HOC Newspaper?

    (Original post by Birchington)
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    (Original post by Paul McCartney)
    Subscribed :yy:

    Is there, by any chance, a UKIP banner?
    ... larry!

    <3 x
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    Well done, everyone! We're getting the momentum going! On Friday, we start the war plans, but before that I'd like as many people on board as possible, ready for the upcoming campaign. If all the republicans can keep submitting banners and avatars and other graphics, that would be fantastic!


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