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Is it some sort of taboo or frowned upon for British minority individuals to be.....

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    What do you think?


    Are individuals from ethnic minorities almost restrained from showing any greatness and pride and doing more for the community and country with great British PRIDE because it would be 'weird' or frowned upon?

    (e.g. A british-asian teen who conscientiously helps out war veterans every Saturday and is proud of their efforts in resisting the belligerent Nazi armies and admires Churchill.)
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    (Original post by alex5455)
    I've started a campaign against that "Dykwia" person in your sig - I found him within seconds. He won't get out alive! :muhahaha:
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    (Original post by Sovr'gnChancellor£)
    I've started a campaign against that "Dykwia" person in your sig - I found him within seconds. He won't get out alive! :muhahaha:
    honestly its like arguing with a brick, he will just rephrase his "argument" over and again and ignore everything you say
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    Its not frowned upon by the majority, nearly all white people would think it was a good thing, a sign they are integrated well into society. Im sure it is frowned upon by some people within their minority groups. For example, I'm guessing there are muslims who hate the government over recent wars or our relationship with Israel so I doubt belting out god save the queen on the way back from the mosque would go down to well. But since I am not in any minority groups I don't know know how widespread those sorts of views are.
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    i personally think patriotism is retarded, whether you're white, black or rainbow coloured (to be grateful to be where you're from is good, but being proud is silly). however, i've never heard of ethnic minorities being looked down upon for being patriotic about britain. quite the opposite, actually!
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    How can we be patriotic if we're flooding England with hundreds of thousands of immigrants each year who refuse to integrate?
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    I think white British people tend to avoid high-profile displays of patriotism for fear of being thought a BNP member. For everybody else though, go for it.
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    I think Einstein sums up my thoughts on this for both minorities and majorities.

    "Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind."
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    What is there to be patriotic about?

    It doesn't make sense to obsess over the supposed glory of a country just because of a couple of great thinkers just happened to live on the same island hundreds of years ago. They bear no resemblance to the Britain of today.

    Newton or Darwin I can understand, why Churchill?
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    (Original post by alex5455)
    I really disliked it when you compared what I said with a racist comment. For one thing, homosexual therapy probably does work. You know, when I was younger I used to get enjoyment out of hurting animals. When my teacher found me trying to hurt a frog she told my parents and they sent me to get help, similar to that for treating homosexuals. I had electroshock therapy, again much like how they used to treat gays, and it worked. I now feel physically sick at the thought of animals suffering. I wouldn't ever wanna hurt an animal again, and in a way I can draw parallels with homosexuality. However, I can hardly see such therapy actually working on black people for example. And besides, there is nothing inherently wrong with being black. - dykwia
    Sounds like A Clockwork Orange.
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    (Original post by Carecup)
    I think Einstein sums up my thoughts on this for both minorities and majorities.

    "Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind."
    And it seems like you have an infantile understanding, because the subject is patriotism not nationalism.

    And it's all well and good to quote a renowned Zionist physicist, but maybe you might consider that Einstein didn't set this forth as an axiom but as a reaction National Socialism in Germany.
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    I'm mixed-race and am happy enough about Britain and being British, but that is a bit of an oddity. In fact, at school (most kids were of some ethnic minority or another), I had people regularly say I was 'so white' and actually had some random person go 'Oi, whitey' when I was walking down the street.

    There're an awful lot of people of Asian, African, Oriental ancestry who if you ask them where they are from, will say, for example, 'Nigeria', even though they've never set foot on Nigerian soil in their life.

    Maybe people want to set themselves apart from the rest of the population because it makes them feel special? I don't know. It's like those comedians who constantly go on about having immigrant parents but grew up in the middle of London, or by extension, people who are always going on about being gay, or transsexual or whatever it may be. A lot of people like to be special snowflakes.
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    It is in London, dunno about the rest of the country.

    In my class there was a mixed race boy who sounded cockney and all the rest of the class would harass him, saying "why do you act white?" , "why do you sound english?". He went "well what am i gonna sound like? american?" :cool:
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    i live in Essex (woo...or not...) and no one gives a crap whether your patriotic or not nor what colour your skin is (most peoples are orange) but not everyones (dont wanna steriotype), but we have a couple of northerners in my year (both white) and they get given so much crap over their accents. But there is one time when just about everyone feels at least a little patriotic... FOOTBALL WORLD CUP (but we always lose lol)
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    Patriotism is one of the curses of our age.


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