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    I'm trying to book the Accommodation but I keep getting "Connection Interrupted" Errors, is anybody else getting these? (I.e. the server is being overloaded)
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    Yeah I am, it's probably just because everyone is trying to get on at the same time.
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    Yep I'm getting the same, probably too many people trying to access at the same time. You'd think they'd of been prepared, I mean it's not the first time they've allowed you to apply online for accommodation surely.
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    Yep, I got half way through completing the application then it crashed! New it would!

    Ah well...
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    (Original post by majornongeek)
    Yep, I got half way through completing the application then it crashed! New it would!

    Ah well...
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    I still maintain they should've been prepared for everyone trying to get on at once. I've been sat for about 20 mins waiting for it to log in.

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    Yep. As the link appeared a few minutes before 7AM, I managed to get to the 'Confirmation Page', and it died as I pressed submit. So infuriating.
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    Dammit, I've got an exam this morning so I need to go.
    I hope I get the accommodation I wanted
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    Does anyone else get "an unexpected error occurred!" And has to try and log in again? -_-

    This was posted from The Student Room's Android App on my HTC Desire
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    I get a message to say that there is a problem with the server. What they should have done, in my opinion, is to say that the portal will open sometime between the 16th and 18th of May, that would have staggered it a bit.
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    Or they could have gotten a better server, which I'm sure wouldn't be an issue with the extra 3k they're getting out of each of us.
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    They should've just told us the day and not the time, then there wouldn't be this problem. My sister applied for her accommodation on Monday and she got straight on and managed to book without any of these problems.
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    I can't even get onto the website! Keep getting messages saying the page you're trying to view is unavailable or the webpage cannot be displayed :/
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    Same the site still isn't working :s
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    I've just got it sorted


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