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houses or halls?

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    hey everyone
    i am going to start my first year at university and i was just wondering which is more recommended; houses or halls?
    'cause halls are pretty expensive but some say one should be in halls to get to know people...
    anyone who knows anything, please share your thoughts with me
    thank you
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    halls... its easier i.e. you dont have to find a house and then sort everything out as to who pays what etc, travel can be an issue and you can make friends
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    halls. That's the best way to make friends. Easy peeezy. Then live in a house for 2nd year
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    Halls actually often work out cheaper, because
    a) You only pay for around 40 weeks of the year, whereas with a house you will pay for 52 weeks.
    b) In a house, you have to pay for bills separately, whereas these will be included in halls (I've been quoted £12-15pppw for bills in a shared house).
    c) If you drop out, then your contract will end in halls, whereas with a house you'll have to keep paying until the contract ends (end of June, usually) if you can't find a replacement tenant (and it can be hard to find one).

    And then there's the social aspects of halls, as mentioned above. With a house, it's highly likely you'd find yourself moving into an established group of friends (who you may or may not get on with) in their 2nd / 3rd year, who won't want to live the party lifestyle that many freshers lead.
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    I'd agree with what has been said already.

    For your first year, go for halls. From a social aspect it's a great way to meet people and make a lot of friends that you can take with you through the rest of university, and it's generally (not always) cheaper than private houses, and definitely a lot easier to sort out!


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