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OCR GCSE Computing - 17th May

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    Hi all, just wondering if anyone else is sitting this exam tomorrow afternoon?
    I know it's a relatively knew course, however I'm curious as to whether I'm the only person on the forum actually taking it?
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    Yep Im doing it... what do you think will come up??
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    I'm doing it. A lot of content but relatively straight forward.
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    yeah. i am worried about the last question (pseudo code) and the 6 mark ones..
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    I'm taking it!! I have pretty much had to teach myself the enitre course, and I wish there were more sample papers!
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    i am taking this exam!! any predictions as to what will be on anyone??
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    (Original post by puzzeled)
    i am taking this exam!! any predictions as to what will be on anyone??
    I think if there's a topology question it will be a ring one, as the others came up in past/specimen papers.
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    Am I the only person who is scared out of their mind? My teacher only taught us DBMS two weeks ago, after I showed him a past paper with a question on it.
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    i am really scared to!! i ahve had to go to school on a weekend just to finish my controlled assesments for this subject!! I feel alright about some of it but worried about other parts, it's a hard exam anyway i have done alot of revision so i know i have tried my hardest for this exam! i hope it's hard so the grade boundaries are low, i really just want to pass!! i our mock only two people got c's no one got higher evryone else got below
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    it's hard for the teachers to because there is like no proper text book on it!
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    hey guys,

    i know its a bit late but here are a few resources for last minute rev.
    ill put some more on..

    EDIT: i cant put more on as they are too big. give me you email and i could send them if you like...
    Attached Files
  12. File Type: pdf GCSE Computing Specification.pdf (212.9 KB, 308 views)
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    (Original post by puzzeled)
    it's hard for the teachers to because there is like no proper text book on it!
    ive got a textbook pdf. pm me your email and ill send it to you..
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    Thanks for the PDF, I read through it and I know about 90% of it to heart. I am feeling a bit more confident now
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    Isambard school have a great revision guide on their website :
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    good luck peeps!!
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    Good luucckkkk
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    I'm taking this too.. I stupidly haven't revised at all though. It's too late to learn anything now!

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    It should be ok, apparently the A* boundary is 86% overall.

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    I should really be doing some last minute cramming, but I'm not... Off to school in 20 minutes!
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    I'm off to school now.. no revision has been done.. whoops!


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