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Manchester Metropolitan University Firms and Insurances 2012 Applicants

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    Peace peeps
    Was inspired by a UOM Firmers and Insurers thread so decided to make one of MMU as I cant find one.

    Why Manchester?:
    Accommodation you're thinking of selecting?:
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    I've selected Manchester Met as my firm choice and really excited

    Subject: BA Marketing Management
    Offer: Conditional DMM (ABB)
    Why Manchester?: I've always wanted to move to Manchester since I was young so it would be like a dream come true for me, And went for an open day and the business school and building is new and modern with a great course content.
    Accommodation you're thinking of selecting?: Thinking of applying to Mill Point because its right in the city centre, I don't mind walking 10 mins to my lecture if I have too

    Web Development


    Why Manchester?
    Manchester is a massive City, and I think there will be some job opportunities (hopefully). The course looked good and in the end, I preffered it out of all my offers

    Accommodation you're thinking of selecting?
    Applied for four of the universities' halls.

    Subject: Bsc Food and Nutrition

    Offer: Conditional 280 points from 3 A-levels

    Why Manchester: A place with life and culture, good job opportunities and out of all my offers the course content at MMU looked alot more appealing.

    Accomodation: Put my 1st choice as Daisy Banks

    Subject: Film and Media Studies
    Offer: 260 Conditional points from 3 A-Levels not including my fourth (General Studies.)
    Why Manchester?: It's not far from home, job opportunities, the course itself and the teachers that I have met as well as the help that they have put in place.
    Accommodation you're thinking of selecting?: Victoria Halls.

    Subject - Psychology
    Offer - BBC
    Accommodation - Oxford Court (1st Choice)

    Subject: Bsc Environmental Science

    Offer: Unconditional (Got ABDb at A level.) - But it's actually a surprisingly well respected course

    Why Manchester?: Already spent a year at uni here, know what to expect and don't want to move away from my long term girlfriend

    Accommodation you're thinking of selecting?: Cambridge

    PS, if anyone going to MMU this year is interested in cycling, let me know!

    Subject:Biomedical Science
    Offer:280 UCAS (need a C in Biology)
    Why Manchester?: I absolutely love manchester! I'm always sending my free time there so why not go to uni there?
    Accommodation you're thinking of selecting?:Oxford Court is my first choice

    (Original post by Charlequin_xo)
    Subject:Biomedical Science
    I'm doing biomedical science as well

    Subject: Biomedical science
    Offer:280 UCAS points
    Why Manchester?: like the city and the facilities look pretty good
    Accommodation you're thinking of selecting?: going into a house share

    Subject: B/A Public Services
    Offer: Conditional (but i'll get the grades) 280, but 240 for me
    Why MMU: Great city, plus i have a girlfriend who is only an hour half train ride away
    Accommodation: Victoria, Oxford and Briarfields

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    [QUOTE=Charlequin_xo;38003534]Subject:Biomedical Science

    Im doing Biomed too

    offer 25 credits at merit on Access course

    Why Manchester, I live in Manchester and have a husband and children so for this reason I will be living at home

    I'm doing biomedical too

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