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Is 5foot 11 inches short for a guy ?

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    Title says it all
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    I'm 5f 10".

    Even if it is, so what?
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    I am 5 feet 9 inches 10 inches
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    bleh I'm 5f 8"

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    No, I'd say it's pretty average. My dad's 5 foot 11 and he's not short.
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    i'm 5ft 7 so i bloody well hope not
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    I'm 5ft 5. I'm quite short but I'm tallest in my family somehow.

    I think you 5ft 11 is just about right!
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    Its not uncommon, but its definately not 'short'. I am 6ft.
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    Average male height is about 5ft 9 so no it is above average, but its probably not enough to be consider tall.
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    its about averege i believe
    try being 5;5 its depressing as hell
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    5ft 11 is a really good height for a boy!

    I'm a 5ft10 girl, and I'm often seen as too tall, so 5ft9-6ft3 sounds about ideal for men (not that there's anything wrong with being taller or shorter).
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    First your fat thread then this.. Little insure aren't you?
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    That's taller than average... 5ft 9 is average for fully grown adults.
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    I think that is pretty much average for a male in the UK....
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    **** off
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    Shhh, let OP think he's a manlet
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    While 5'9" is "about average for a British male", as others have said, the OP likely doesn't want to be a bit above average in a sense that includes all men one and two generations older than him and South and East Asians and so forth. He will want to be average for the 20 year old white guy I guess him to be. And 5'11" is about that.
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    Think you should wear some heels bruv


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Updated: May 16, 2012
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