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Holiday weight gain ?

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    How much weight do you gain on holiday ? Im going to florida for 3 weeks all inclusive and wonder how much I will gain ?
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    3 stone
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    i tend to loose weight on holiday...
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    (Original post by Onlyboyintheworld)
    How much weight do you gain on holiday ? Im going to florida for 3 weeks all inclusive and wonder how much I will gain ?
    Just the mere fact of being in florida will not make you lose or gain weight (despite the numerous fat people there). It's what you eat that counts.
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    I found that in Florida the food portions are insane, just don't eat too much and maybe have a good walk about every day to burn off calories.
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    (Original post by Onlyboyintheworld)
    How much weight do you gain on holiday ? Im going to florida for 3 weeks all inclusive and wonder how much I will gain ?
    I went for two weeks and was 10lbs up on the scale when I got home :O!!! That was mostly water retention though and was gone in a few days...only around 3lbs stayed.
    So, in two weeks of walking everywhere, coupled with eating for five, I had a fake gain of 10lbs and a real gain of 3lbs. I was eating ginormous amounts though.
    Basically, you shouldn't gain enough weight to really impact you. 1lb of fat is around 3,500 cals so just make sure you're not eating an extra 3,500 cals a day..!

    I'd try not to worry about it if I were you though, you should enjoy yourself. A couple of lbs gained can be easily lost
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    None because I have self control
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    Do you plan on eating?
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    3.128348348012474830124383011231 456 stone.

    Get a grip OP. You're going on holiday. Enjoy yourself, you won't gain a visible amount of fat in what 1-2 weeks? If you're that worried just exercise some self control and don't eat like 5 burgers every day.
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    If it's an all-inclusive hotel, you can pick and choose whatever you wish so just choose the sensible options and you won't put anything on. If you eat out, remember that the portions are going to be larger than necessary and don't finish it all. Just be sensible about things. Enjoy yourself, though. Who cares if you put on a little weight because you let go on holiday? You can always come back and work it off.
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    When I was in NY i lost loads of weight. Ate two big meals a day and spent the rest of the day walking around the city.

    Normally I lose weight because I start doing lots of light exercise, like swimming in the sea or walking around places.
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    (Original post by Scoobiedoobiedo)
    None because I have self control
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    I lost weight on holiday last year because we had our own pool in the villa so I swam most days for the three weeks (to Florida too).

    This year it's going to be aggro because I'm lifting and don't want to lose gains in the two weeks without weights. Going to try to take my one week of full rest for the first week then do improvised exercises in the park near by the second week.
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    When I was losing weight I went to new york for about a week. I really didn't eat healthy at all or bothered much with how much calories I was eating. However when I came back to the UK I lost 2lbs . I think the reason why is because we walked all over the place. It taught me a lesson that going on holiday is not an excuse to gain weight. Use it as a time to see the sights and tour the city and that would really help to prevent any weight gain
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    well, I went away for a week, 2 weeks ago and added 10lbs but all of that was gone again a week later.
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    this is silly - it depends on what you eat/how much you eat! seeing as you're going to america, and i dont want to generalise but there is a lot of fast food and if you eat that everyday you will gain a substantial amount. but if you drink lots of water, say have a salad for lunch and dont drink too much, you should be ok


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