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A Levels for Pharmacology

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    Wrong thread

    (Original post by DrFantastic)
    Hi all,

    I'm currently doing Bio, Chem, Business and Maths at A-Level.

    I'm not too good at Maths (low grade candidate) so I was wondering if I got good grades in Bio, Chem, Business would that be suitable for pharmacology?

    I have applied for pharmacology this year and I have A levels in Biology, Chemistry and Art so I think your should be suitable. Make sure you check UCAS for specific universities though as some do say they want 3 specific A levels rather than 2. But when I was looking the majority said they defo want Biology and Chemistry. So your 3rd A level can be your choice
    Hope this helps x

    Some of the unis think that business is not a proper A level subject(weak subject), so they may not count it as a subject.

    (Original post by DrFantastic)
    I plan to do A Levels in Bio, Chem and Business, would that be suitable? Thanks for replying!
    No worries but if you have a rought idea of what unis you'll be going to just check some of their requirements on UCAS and they will tell what they do and dont accept. I thought my Art A level wasn't good enough but when I seen all of my unis they all said it was fine. (this was before I new I wanted to do pharmacology and already had art)
    So basically all you need to do is
    1. Go on UCAS
    2. Type in pharmacology into the subject search, and choose the universities your thinking of
    3. Then I think its a button then that says something like specific requirments? or qualifications? (I havent been on it in a while)
    4. Then it will take you to the part which has the alevel needed/rejected and what grades.

    It would usually say A level of choice which would be your business, if nothing like that is there and your still not clear it may be worth ringing up the university just in case Hope this helps x

    (Original post by DrFantastic)
    Thank you very much. The thing is, I've been looking and I'm worried Business wont be accepted? Most require a preferred third subject and Maths is my weakest subject.

    In lower quality uni's e.g. Huddersfield Uni, would they be more likely to accept Business as a third A Level instead of Maths?

    Again, thanks for your reply!
    Yes I think business should be fine, like I said my third choice was art and that is considered a weak subject, but I applied to Bath Coventry Hertforshire and Kingston and I got offers for all. My unis are a range or weak and strong,but weak doesn't always mean it should be the bottom of the list, I found that Coventry is a much better UNi than Bath which is ment to be the weaker one. So don't think of them as strong and weak Unis have different key areas which they could better in than others, you just need to check out which ones you think are stronger in pharmacology by going to open days. Also while at the open days then you can ask about business to, but personally I think it would be fine, unless you want to study at Cambridge where you would need a very strong subject, but you can only do what you think you will get good grades in. Hope this helps x

    (Original post by DrFantastic)
    Thank you so much. Just out of interest if you don't mind, what grades did you get at AS and A2?
    For my AS I got chemistry: A Biology: B Art: B
    and im on for AAB, but i think i will only get a C in biology because i only need CCC to get into coventry so i stopped doing biology to concentrate on my other alevels, as Art takes alot of yout time up! hah so hopefully AAC will be my A levels
    how are you doing?

    (Original post by DrFantastic)
    Good thanks Hope my A-Levels are good.

    Did you consider Biomedical Science? It doesn't seem to different to Pharmacology?
    And no I didn't look into biomedical science that much, I think that just concentrates more on biology rather than the action of drugs :s not sure like I said I never looked into it really .

    (Original post by DrFantastic)
    Ah right, so how are you enjoying your course? Is it good?

    my course is ok the school could be alot better to be honest, have quite a few problems with it so ive had to stay 3 years instead of 2 :mad:


    (Original post by DrFantastic)
    Mine's ok, and sorry to hear that

    Hope everything goes well! Pharmacology job prospects are pretty good so you should be fine
    Yea they are and thank you

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