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how can you drink & stay thin?!

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    (Original post by Mister Dead)
    right, like you did when you said he IS going to look crap or be dead. Nice stats.

    You're a smug twit and i'm old enough to realise that whilst you can work hard to increase the chance you'll be healthy and look good, there's no guarentees.
    So if a doctor tells a guy he's going to die in 10 years if he keeps doing heroin he's a twit because there is a small chance that he won't? If a weather reporter says that it is going to rain tomorrow (because his computer said it was 75% likely) he is also a twit? Poor effort at being pedantic. Nothing is certain in statistics so if someone says something is going to happen it is always an assumption based on the stats.

    What part of "statistically" don't you understand? I never said there were guarantees. I don't understand people like you. People like you see a healthy person die and they go "**** it it's all *******s leave it all to fate". Why can't you just accept that being healthy statistically raises your life expectancy and if not that your quality of life at least.
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    (Original post by elixira)
    dear lord...

    Who the **** cares how skinny you are?

    Strive to be healthy.

    It amazes and saddens me how someone can be preoccupied with their weight and image, and give such a lack of **** about their health that they'll happily waste empty calories on alcohol and probably forgo more nutritious intakes as a result, to keep that all-important calorie count down. Urgh.

    + rep
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    (Original post by kka25)
    No, she's going to swallow the whole egg carton, all 20 of them.

    Since you know, she doesn't care what she eats :rolleyes:
    The reference went over your head.
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    Wonder she's going to eat those chicks as well :awesome:
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    (Original post by callum9999)
    Well I wouldn't say I monitor or "care" what I eat either but I have a perfectly balanced diet... Not everyone loves junk food and hates healthy food - it is possible to like the healthy food as well...

    I do agree with your previous suggestion that their posts looked defensive, but then your posts look aggressive, so I guess that's hardly surprising.
    Nope, the poster was actually the one who was (passive) aggressive, and before the modes deleted her 'very nice use of words', she was also abusive.

    The reply I made was hardly aggressive. But I'd agree if you say it's sarcastic


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