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AS geography core paper 11 2012

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    hey did anyone here do AS geography paper 11 yesterday.Hows was it??? pretty hard yea? i was just wondering if anyone did the laps rate thing the labeling...how did u label it.i put the DALR on the right and the ELR on the left and then after condensation i put SALR on the left...is that correct! i draw the cloud after condensation put i did not extended very high would i lose the 2 marks.
    other than that who did business yesterday paper 12.last Q7 part b the 12 marks what did u exactly write about branding and promotion??? i got confused
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    Are you on CIE?
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    Yup, I did the geography paper yesterday too. I think it went alright-ish considering the study time I managed to put in, I know I absolutely screwed up the flood part of the hydrology question and I did sort of have to get back to my last resort for geography which is to sort of...kind of...make things up a little especially with the rocks question

    I didn't do the weather question though. I suppose the best we can hope is that grade boundaries will be lowered?
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    so u didnt do the laps rate thing right? yea the weathering was hard...umm i couldn't right much about carbonation and oxidation if they got us anything else would be easier


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Updated: May 17, 2012
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