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Has anyone go the S1 OCR not mei January 2012 paper?

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    much obliged if someone has that paper^ , and good luck to those taking exams
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    i do indeed ! Will upload it on here soon!
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    (Original post by needtosucceed=))
    i do indeed ! Will upload it on here soon!
    omg thankyou!!! :d markscheme as well? :P
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    (Original post by HEY_101)
    ^ Its up there, much obliged, and good luck to those taking exams
    where is it ? Thanks.
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    noo sorry that sentence meant 'my question is up there' sorry
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    here you go paper and ms
    Attached Files
  8. File Type: pdf _MS_Jan12.pdf (363.2 KB, 874 views)
  9. File Type: pdf qpJan12.pdf (274.0 KB, 591 views)
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    (Original post by Syntax Error)
    here you go paper and ms
    You don't happen to have the S2 paper and mark scheme too do you? If so, could you upload it please?
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    s2 paper and ms
    Attached Files
  12. File Type: pdf qpJan12.pdf (219.2 KB, 306 views)
  13. File Type: pdf MS_Jan12.pdf (192.2 KB, 533 views)
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    hey guys do you know if writing 5C2 (5 choose 2) is the same as writing 5 and 2 in brackets like they do in the mark schemes? I just want to make sure that i dont lose lots of marks because of this.

    thanks in advance
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    yeh its the same!!
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    (Original post by Syntax Error)
    here you go paper and ms
    YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER *virtual hug* LOL thanks

    and good luck for all your exams!!!
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    (Original post by Syntax Error)
    here you go paper and ms
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    have you got any other OCR not mei papers, i have been looking for them all the time,
    S1-you have already got that thanks a lot

    And the mark scheme to these pleeeaaasssee.
    Oh and if you have all of them could you give it please, but if not as much as you can.
    i am willing to give you another +ve rep.
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    here are the papers you requested.
    Attached Files
  20. File Type: pdf 4721_MS_Jan12.pdf (196.1 KB, 286 views)
  21. File Type: pdf 4721-01Jan12.pdf (241.1 KB, 211 views)
  22. File Type: pdf 4722_MS_Jan12.pdf (251.2 KB, 133 views)
  23. File Type: pdf 4722-01Jan12.pdf (283.6 KB, 89 views)
  24. File Type: pdf 4725_MS_Jan12.pdf (125.4 KB, 186 views)
  25. File Type: pdf 4725-01Jan12.pdf (236.4 KB, 101 views)
  26. File Type: pdf 4728_MS_Jan12.pdf (193.7 KB, 541 views)
  27. File Type: pdf 4728-01Jan12.pdf (276.8 KB, 178 views)
  28. File Type: pdf 4736_MS_Jan12.pdf (299.1 KB, 134 views)
  29. File Type: pdf 4736-01Jan12.pdf (281.3 KB, 111 views)
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    (Original post by Syntax Error)
    here are the papers you requested.
    Oh wow you're awesome! Could you please post up the C3 and C4 papers + MS?

    Will +rep ya
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    Here are the papers requested
    Attached Files
  32. File Type: pdf 4723_MS_Jan12.pdf (319.3 KB, 180 views)
  33. File Type: pdf 4723-01Jan12.pdf (314.2 KB, 265 views)
  34. File Type: pdf 4724_MS_Jan12.pdf (262.0 KB, 524 views)
  35. File Type: pdf 4724-01Jan12.pdf (268.6 KB, 161 views)
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    you are by far the most awesome guy, thanks a lot, rep given
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    just kidding you are a good friend
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    Can anyone tell me how to solve (XC2=66), go an exam in jan 2013


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