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How many texts do you send a month?

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    I was doing a bit of research and apparently lots of people send thousands of texts a month, which I find quite surprising. I tend to send around 600 a month - I'm at university and send quite a few texts each day to my friends about meeting up, then send texts to friends outside uni and the parents, but I still don't send anything like the thousands others apparently do. So how much do you text? If you really do send thousands, does it feel like you're texting all the time?
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    Anywhere from 100-500 a month. It's been less lately - I think I use fb more.
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    who texts when you have got bbm

    haha negs must of been from the iphone crew!
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    I've sent five in my life. One of them was just an 'a' so a friend could get my number... :pierre:
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    About a 100 approx.
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    When I first got with my BF I used to text him all the time and use 500 texts in two days!
    Now we text a bit less and I use about 2000 a month ish?
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    I don't reckon I send more than between 300-500 a month, 1,000 seem excessive!
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    A lot. I don't know how many exactly, but thank God for unlimited texts! I don't think I'm capable of sending thousands, I'm pretty sure I don't have enough friends for that, but probably it can probably go over 500 quite easily.

    Admittedly, during exam time and all that I'll send about one text a day and that's usually to my mother... but during the summer especially I'm firing them off left, right, and centre!

    You can tell I'm a hardcore texter because I've got a phone with a qwerty keyboard :P
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    I'd say I send no more than 400. I used to send a lot less but now I've got a boyfriend we text a fair bit.

    I don't think I'll ever understand how people manage to send thousands...


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Updated: May 17, 2012
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