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Higher English- Someone please answer this! :/

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    Ok, Choose Q13 in poetry today.

    Q- Choose a poem in which aspects of structure (such as verse form, rhyme, metre, repetition, climax, contrast, narrative development...)play a significant role.

    Show how the poet uses at least two structural features to enhance your appreaciation of the poem as a whole.

    A- Basically my poem has contrast and an anti climax at the end so i choose those two. Now i have realised anti climax isn't on it and only climax is. Does that mean they won't accept anti climax?!

    Im seriously worrying now!

    if the question has the (....) after the aspects that means its an open list and you can use any other aspects of structure, they're just offering suggestions.

    I did the same question (reluctantly) and I talked about things which I'm pretty sure aren't even classed as 'structural features' but YES, anti-climax is good
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    Oh thank god! I hope you are both right. Thanks so much if you are. I was absolutely sh*iting my self there :O

    Yes anti-climax is acceptable I verified it with my teacher after the exam!
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    (Original post by n00b/)
    Yes anti-climax is acceptable I verified it with my teacher after the exam!
    Hahaha thanks! After my exam, telling everyone i used anti climax and they were saying i was wrong and it wasn't an option. I argued that if climax is on it then surely anti climax is. I was panicing after when people were saying it too me!
    Still didnt stop me from doing poor, dont think i related to the question enough. Did better in other essay it think


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Updated: May 17, 2012
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