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[AQA BUSS4 Confirmation]

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    I completed a BUSS4 mock in class the other day, and was expecting a C/D, bearing in mind I only wrote 5 pages in 1 hr 45 mins, and have done no revision, or taken any notes this year.

    I got it back, and it was an A*? I was just hoping that people could tell me whether this is the actual mark I would receive if I did that in the exam (if the questions were the same, obviously)? I'm only asking as my 'teacher' is a complete waste and has no idea of the subject, or how to teach it.

    The questions I did were;

    Section A - To what extent do you think that careful analysis and selection of a target company ensures a successful takeover or merger? (40 marks)

    Section B - To what extent do you think that a leader can make a significant difference to the long-term success of an organisation?

    These were from the June 2011 paper.

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    Bump - Added images.
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