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    (Original post by Shatho23)
    Can someone please put my mind at ease, in the rise of the nazi's question about the weaknesses of Weimar I mentioned hyperinflation, the great depression and the PR system, and then the attraction to the nazis, is this right. I feel like consolodation would of been a vital part of this essay i missed. I'm so worried
    You'll be fine Its only six marks for knowledge as long as you have about 10ish distinct points you'll be good I did not do that question but I know how you feel I did the strength of nationalism and I think I main overlapped it with the growth of nationalism. I would of mentioned the Weakness of Weimar,Hitler, the appeal of the nazis,economic and social difficulties and the public distain towards the Treaty of Versailles.
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    Yeah, I totally mucked up cause i said how weimar were unable to create an economically stable Germany and then discussed the hyperinflation etc. Hope I have done enough to get a C at least:confused:
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    (Original post by Shatho23)
    Yeah, I totally mucked up cause i said how weimar were unable to create an economically stable Germany and then discussed the hyperinflation etc. Hope I have done enough to get a C at least:confused:
    If you want you can see the marking instructions which give the details, I must admit this essay in the marking instructions had a lot of points. Don't worry we always think we've done worst than what we have - like maths last year thought I had got a 3 but managed a 2. Plus you still have structure and analysis marks to count

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    (Original post by Shatho23)
    I did the rise of the nazi party also, just wanted to check, is the weaknesses basically just hyperinflation, treaty of Versailles and because of the PR system?
    Marking Instructions
    The candidate evaluates the extent to which the weaknesses of the Weimar Republic were
    the major reason for the rise of the Nazi Party between 1919 and 1933, using evidence and
    arguments such as:
    Weaknesses of the Weimar Republic
     ‘A Republic without Republicans’/‘a Republic nobody wanted’ – lack of popular support
    for the new form of government after 1918
     ‘Peasants in a palace’ – commentary on Weimar politicians
     Divisions among those groups/individuals who purported to be supporters of the new
    form of government eg the socialists
     Alliance of the new government and the old imperial army against the Spartacists – lack
    of cooperation between socialist groups – petty squabbling rife
     The Constitution/Article 48 (‘suicide clause’) - arguably Germany was too democratic.
    ‘The world’s most perfect democracy – on paper’
     Lack of real, outstanding Weimar politicians who could strengthen the Republic,
    Stresemann excepted
     Inability (or unwillingness) of the Republic to deal effectively with problems in German
     Lukewarm support from the German Army and the Civil Service.
    Other factors
    Resentment towards the Treaty of Versailles
     The Treaty of Versailles: acceptance by Republic of hated terms
     Land loss and accepting blame for the War especially hated
     Led to growth of criticism; ‘November Criminals’, ‘Stab in the back’ myth.
    Social and Economic difficulties
     Over-reliance on foreign investment left the Weimar economy subject to the fluctuations
    of the international economy
     1922/23 (hyperinflation) - severe effects on the middle classes, the natural supporters of
    the Republic; outrage and despair at their ruination
     The Great Depression of 1929 – arguably without this the Republic might have survived.
    Germany’s dependence on American loans showed how fragile the recovery of the late
    1920s was. The pauperisation of millions again reduced Germans to despair
     Propaganda posters with legends such as “Hitler – our only hope” struck a chord with
     The Depression also polarised politics in Germany – the drift to extremes led to a fear of
    Communism, which grew apace with the growth of support for the Nazis.
    Appeal of the Nazis after 1928
     Nazi Party had attractive qualities for the increasingly disillusioned voting population:
    They were anti-Versailles, anti-Communist [the SA took on the Red Front in the streets],
    promised to restore German pride, give the people jobs
     The Nazis put their message across well with the skilful use of propaganda under the
    leadership of Josef Goebbels
     The SA were used to break up opponents meetings and give the appearance of
    discipline and order
     Gave scapegoats for the population to blame from the Jews to the Communists. Page 51
    The role of Hitler
     Hitler was perceived as a young, dynamic leader, who campaigned using modern
    methods and was a charismatic speake
     He offered attractive policies which gave simple targets for blame and tapped into
    popular prejudice.
    Weaknesses and mistakes of others
     Splits in the left after suppression of Spartacist revolt made joint action in the 1930s very
     Roles of von Schleicher and von Papen. Underestimation of Hitler
     Weakness/indecision of Hindenburg.
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    Ok so I had the argument that it was unable to deal with the problems in German society? How many should be done ?
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    I'm quite chuffed looking at that paper 1 marking scheme which has been published - for the Rise of Nazi question I put in most of the points there and some of the quotes were even ones I used!, still, suppose Tuesday will show


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