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Will the end of my r.e exam get marked?

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    I did all the questions in full sentences but the last question I had 2 minutes left so I wrote like 2 full sentences and the rest in bullet points as I was running out of time. Will bullet points still get marked?
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    As far as I know it varies between subjects.

    Good luck though
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    (Original post by iJess)
    I did all the questions in full sentences but the last question I had 2 minutes left so I wrote like 2 full sentences and the rest in bullet points as I was running out of time. Will bullet points still get marked?
    Most GCSE mark schemes say 'credit relevant bullet point answers', but obviously you won't get as many marks as you would have done if you wrote in full sentences. You'll probably get 1 or 2 marks for it.
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    Assuming you did OCR Philosophy and Ethics, you are marked on the quality of your written communication and bullet points obviously can't be considered as this so you might have lost a few marks.

    Edit: the mark scheme says:

    In the marking of these questions the quality of the candidate's written communication will be one factor (other factors include the relevance and amount of supporting detail) that influences whether an answer is placed at the bottom, the middle, or the top, of a level.
    The following points should be remembered:

    Answers are placed in the appropriate level according to the RS assessment objectives, ie no reference is made at this stage to the quality of the written communication;

    When answers have been placed into the appropriate level, examiners should then consider quality of written communication in the placing of the answer towards the top or bottom of the level;

    The quality of written communication must never be used to move an answer from the mark band of one level to another.
    So, providing you made informed, relevant points, it shouldn't massively impact on your grade.
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    usually you get marks for grammar etc.. so you may drop marks there, but they're usually not that much
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    I'm on edexcel I know the questions marked with '*' get extra marks for good spelling and grammar etc but it was a question that you got 2 marks for writing explanations for your point and 2 marks for saying why some people might disagree with you. I thought it would be better to quickly scribble down it in bullet points than only manage half a sentence but I'm not sure how they mark it
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    my R.E teacher told us that if we were running out of time that we should jot everything in bullet points as long as it is in a logical order. It should be fine as long as all the points are in there, its an R.E paper i don't think they would penalise you for English. Good Luck
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    ooh thanks


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Updated: May 17, 2012
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