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Anyone else scared to use the phone?

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    I never used to like it and then I did my year 10 work experiance at an army head quarters where they made me answer the phone. I had no idea what the department even did and they pretty much talk in their own language so after 2 weeks of that anything else wasnt scary. Everyone in the office commented that I was good at answering the phone for some reason. I also worked at butchers where the boss also had a hog roast business. I had nothing what so ever to do with the hog roast business but the number on the leaflet was the butchers shop. People would ring up and say 'I have tried him on his mobile and he isnt picking up, my hog roast should have been here half an hour ago. Where is it?' In an angry voice. So I would try and call my boss and he wouldnt answer and then 15 minutes later they would call back even more angry. That was horrible.

    The good thing about the phone is people cant tell that you are uncomfortable so there is nothing to be worried about because even if you do go bright red nobody will be able to tell. Also, when you call up call centers it is there job to be nice so they are never going to get angry at you or anything. When you call student finance up they will say how can I help? Then you just tell them what is up and they would proabably have dealt with the same situtation many time before and guide you through it.
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    I also dislike talking on the phone in formal situations. I guess it's because you can't gage body language, facial expressions etc. or at least that's what I tell myself.....
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    I'm sort of like that, I wouldn't say "scared" but definitely get way more nervous than I should about it and much prefer emailing, talking to people and not being able to see their facial expression just makes me feel uncomfortable I think

    They sometimes put me on the till next to the phone at work; the idea of answering it with no idea who's on the other end and having to say the "Hi, Till Bank 1, *name speaking*" thing makes me even more nervous...
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    I'm afraid to answer the phone. Only because of my aunt Dorothy who lives in Germany and spends forever on the phone. We've had a conversation for 50+ minutes about German Politics and Chocolate gahhh!
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    i actually hate talking on the phone i avoid it as much as i can. I can't even speak to my mates on it nevermind girls ... god knows why i have a 4S if i never ring people haha
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    I'm not scared of the phone like you OP. BUT I don't like talking to strangers especially if they have a broad accent cos then it jsut gets awkward when you don't understand them. And at least with a face-to-face convo you can lip read a bit and what-not.
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    I hate talking on the phone for a few different reasons. Mostly I'm terrified of 'the awkward silence', which is bad enough in person, but over the phone is even worse. My little nieces and nephew love calling me but they never have anything to say and it ends up being one awkward silence after another :woo:

    I'm also a really bad fidget, but it seems to be worse when I'm on the phone to someone and I'll end up playing with anything and everything within reach without even realising until something crashes or bangs or twangs and the person on the other end asks what the noise was. Or when I do realise what I'm doing, I'll become hyper-conscious of the fact and completely lose focus on what the other person is saying
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    Yep, I'm terrified of phoning people. I have got so much better at it since going to university but its still something I have to work myself up to.

    It does get better in time. Try joining something like the Samaritans, that way you're helping people and getting over your fears
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    I was supposed to call my bank to sort out online banking some time ago. 8 months later I still haven't called for this reason.
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    I hate calling people as well. Sometimes I think it's the actual talking to people on the other end and not knowing what they're going to say to me, so not being prepared, even if I know they're going to be fine and give me the answer I want.

    Other times it seems to be more that I don't like the idea of disturbing people when they might be in the middle of doing something important and I'll be inconveniencing them, not so bad companies or call centres (though still not a fan and put off phoning my phone company for 4 months as I didn't want to have to call, though when I did they sorted it easily and no problems). I'm fine once I'm on the phone but I have to psych myself up so much just to dial.

    I'm not as bad answering the phone as it's in my own time, though not a fan of doing it if I don't know who's calling, so if it's a withheld or unknown number, or at home where the number doesn't show up, but I think that's my general nervousness of speaking to strangers, I get that in shops and other situations as well, and I don't like having to speak to the cold callers and tell them that we don't want whatever they think we need.
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    I used to be similar to this, I used to be embarrassed if someone over heard my phone call more though..

    Then I started working in an office making outbound calls, and receiving inbound calls :] My boss would be in the same room while I was talking and I made mistakes etc, but I really got over it :P

    Thing is, I'm really outgoing in everyday life. Now I don't mind calls at all, and don't mind who listens!
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    Yes. I hate using the phone unless I'm talking to a a select few, since I don't like speaking to people if I can't see them.

    I find it much better easier to do things face to face or via email or texting in most situations.
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    I'm scared of speaking on the phone. The only people I can speak to with no issues is my mum and boyfriend. Anyone else, even my dad or siblings, I get really worked up over. I've been promoted at work so now I need to answer the phone there, but I really can't. I was pretty much force to answer it a couple of days ago, and I got so worked up and panicked and sounded really silly talking to them, even though it turned out to be a colleague, and I apparently looked ill when I'd done. It's really annoying, especially when people don't seem to understand how much of an issue it is and tell me to just get over it. If it was that easy I would
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    (Original post by rainbow.panda)
    For some reason I'm terrified of using the phone. I'm pretty shy but I'm usually okay in person but I get so scared when I have to speak to someone I don't know on the phone. It's especially annoying when I have to important things to sort out and they don't have an email address.

    I never know what to say and I always think I'll explain something wrong and they won't have any clue what I'm on about and I'll get embarrassed. I'm supposed to call Student Finance today. I've been ordered to by my dad, neither he nor my mum understand why I'm scared of the phone. They just think I'm being awkward but I'm REALLY scared. I sent them a message on the SF facebook page but all they said was to talk to an advisor...yeh, thanks a lot! -_-

    What's wrong with me?
    I get like this occasionally, just when it's an important phone call or it's something urgent.

    I tend to make a short list with the points I need to bring up/ask about, sit down somewhere comfortable with a pen so I can make notes if I need to, make sure you have any relevant paperwork etc with you so that if they need a certain number or something then you have it to hand. Then just call.

    There's nothing wrong with you, it's really quite common. It seems irrational, and it IS I suppose, but there is something to do with having a conversation with a faceless person miles away that seems to freak some people out. Just don't panic. It's something you're going to have to get used to doing, you just need to take the plunge and the more you do it the more comfortable you'll feel!

    Good luck!
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    I get terrified at the prospect of having to ring someone I don't know. Partly due to social anxiety, partly due to the fact I have a hearing problem and not being able to lipread makes it very difficult for me to understand what's being said to me :nopity:
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    I'm like this, too. I hate making phone calls and tend to put it off for as long as possible. I am not as bad at answering the phone, though, and I absolutely hate having to speak on the phone in front of people.

    Since coming to uni, though, I have had to get better as there is nobody here to make phone calls for me. I tend to get more and more worked up the more I think about it, so I try to just sit down and dial as quickly as possible so I don't have time to talk myself out of it.

    Honestly, it does get better with time and practice. And thank God for online takeaway orders, because those are the worst kind of phone calls to make.
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    I'm so glad I found this thread because it makes me feel like I'm not the only one who shares the same idea of picking up the phone. I also had to phone Student Finance the other day and (they are pretty gormless to start with) the woman on the phone had to repeat my customer reference number 4 (yes 4!!!) times as my hearing is quite bad, and also just after that when she asked for my address I stupidly said D for Dog instead of D for Delta lol. But for some reason these things automatically make you feel slightly embarrassed about continuing to talk on the phone.
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    (Original post by The_Lonely_Goatherd)
    I get terrified at the prospect of having to ring someone I don't know. Partly due to social anxiety, partly due to the fact I have a hearing problem and not being able to lipread makes it very difficult for me to understand what's being said to me :nopity:
    This is exactly me. It's pretty embarrassing when you have to ask someone to repeat themselves a few times..
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    (Original post by whyumadtho)
    Nope. Speaking in front of an audience is what gets to me. .___.
    Speaking in front of an audience I can do. I can walk onto a stage, and stand there, and just talk. Normally making myself look like an idiot, but I can do it and I quite enjoy it.

    Phoning people on the other hand - I think it's the lack of body language, it just throws me way off. My parents don't get it, but then again they were brought up in the era where you *had* to phone people.
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    I hate talking on the phone. It's just so damn awkward and I always think that I sound like an antisocial moron :nothing:

    I'm way more comfortable texting, e-mailing, or talking face to face.


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