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Old passport as ID?

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    Right so I'm 18 in a week or so but I don't have a provisional driving licence yet. I just got a new passport so I want to use my old passport for ID for like buying alcohol and clubs. My passport isn't out of date yet (6 months time) but they cut off the front corner because I have a new one. Will this still be accepted?
    The photo is a bit old but it's obviously me.

    I mean I'm still the same person and my passport isn't out of date yet. I just want to use this for a few months before I get my provisional. What do you think?
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    It will probably be accepted as long as you still look like the picture - otherwise they may suspect your older bro gifted you his old passport or something but tbh I am sure you will be fine.
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    You'll probably be fine, but once it's out of date then it's unlikely that they will accept it, simply because it's hard to tell if it's you or not.

    As it's an old photo, be prepared for them to ask for supplementary ID - student ID, bank card with your name on, that sort of thing - which is what I always did when I worked in a pub and couldn't be sure.
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    You should be fine, they cut the end off so that you're unable to use it for travel purposes
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    You should be fine. I've not known anyone to be refused sale because the passport has expired though.
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    Don't click you have a UK passport when applying for a driving licence. Therefore, you'll have to send a picture in. This should solve the issue.
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    A few years back when I was 20 I took my old passport out, a bouncer told me she couldn't let me in because it wasn't valid any more...

    My reply which she didn't like?.. "but I'm still me.."

    She then proceeded to say it was my brothers (I don't have one), that's how hopeless this woman was. I held the passport up to my face, I had the same hair and luckily the same face (mental I know), but she just said she wasn't changing her mind.

    Moral of the story: Always beware bouncers going on a power trip, it's an awful job with few upsides so try and retain a modicum of sympathy for them on the whole.
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    Why did you get a new passport before the old one expired?
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    You will more than likely be ok but, like the above poster has said, you do get the occaisional bouncer on a power trip that might be funny about it.
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    I used to work at Sainsburys and we were told not to accept expired passports. This gave me a lot of grief because people used to use their old ones for ID so they didn't lose their new ones. No, I wasn't stupid, despite what they shouted at me. Yes, I WAS aware that they are still the same person but that's what I was told and I'd rather take their abuse than get abuse from the person allowing me to have a job.

    I'm not sure about the policy on a cut passport; if any other place has the 'no expired ID' rule then they may just look at the cut and assume but otherwise as it is still in date then it should still be okay for now at least.

    Also, APPARENTLY some places don't take provisional licenses as ID. I don't know much about this, maybe some arrogant bouncer rejected the customer I was talking to but she told me that her provisional had been rejected in some places before I told her that I was taking it as valid ID because it's still a license, just a different colour.
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    (Original post by internetguru)
    Why did you get a new passport before the old one expired?
    Because you can't travel on it 6 months before it expires, apparently which is stupid.


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Updated: May 19, 2012
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