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Blizzard insensitive to release Diablo 3 in the middle of the exams?

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    Outrage. I am trying not to buy it, but my final exam isn't until mid-June.

    Although I hear the servers are really busy anyway.
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    Not everyone that is going to play it is in the middle of exams.

    To answer your question, no it isn't. If you haven't got enough will power to hold off buying it, thats your problem.
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    You can still buy it and play it during your relaxation times I mean it's not like you study 24hrs a day, you have many breaks so there's time to play, perhaps during weekend... It's up to your time management really...unless you get hooked then avoid buying it until your exams are over.

    And no, it's not insensitive at all. Perfect timing.
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    I don't think they did it deliberately! If they wanted to increase their sales, they wouldn't release it on a date that could prove to be problematic. I'm in the same dilemma though, know how you feel. I'm holding off D3 and Guild Wars 2 until my exams finish June 20th. Ahhh!
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    no. what is really annoying, is that i bought the game except it does not work on MY LAPTOP because said laptop is gheyyyyyyyy.

    So now i cant play it until MID JUNE when i get home and my brother gives me another laptop to borrow!

    So instead, i have my brother and his wife going on and on and on about how amazing the game is whilst im stuck here doing exams not being able to play it

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    Wow. Really?

    Selfish attitude much?
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    (Original post by Clip)
    Outrage. I am trying not to buy it, but my final exam isn't until mid-June.

    Although I hear the servers are really busy anyway.
    Just have a bit of willpower.

    I've held off Skyrim for like half a year, finally getting it next tuesday after my final exam :cool:
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    It isn't hard to juggle both, i'm managing
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    If teens start buying the game and then fail their exams, they'll have no future / future aspirations and therefore will become fat and depressed and spend more time playing Blizzard games.

    Seems like the perfect plan.
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    It came just as 'study' leave started. How could the timing be better?
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    They're biggest market is America and the American spring break is in full flow, I doubt they care about UK students.


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Updated: May 18, 2012
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