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People Who Can't Hold A Conversation For Long

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    I am a shy person who has confidence issues and I can't hold long conversations really I'm at Uni and it's a scary experience for someone who's not much of a big talker, all the people that I see can hold conversations easily and my flatmate was saying that I struggle to hold a conversation and I felt a little bad but didn't let it get to me much.....What I want to know is....are there any other people who get shy around people and don't talk much????

    Have a good, long talk with your flatmate about this issue?

    I wouldn't worry about it - you are who you are and a lot of the time it depends on the other person, too.
    I bet if you were speaking to someone who shared lots of the same interests as you, then you would talk for ages - or maybe not even feel the need to?
    Besides, the world needs people like you if everyone was really chatty instead of being more of a listnener, nobody would get a word in edgeways, dont worry about it x
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    well I've made all of my lifelong friends at college before I came to Uni, and I can talk with them more then I can with people at Uni, I get nervous around big groups

    You just need to practice! Once you start doing it more often you will feel more at ease and relaxed at talking to people so it will come naturally!
    I'm quite a shy person and never used to be very talkative. I'm still shy but now I can hold a conversation and can be very talkative!

    my housemate told me i 'had no social skills' and have no idea how to deal with people

    in all fairness at the time i used to lock myself in my room, talk to my boyfriend and not go out.

    now, im sociable and they all say how much ive changed.

    just try and be more confident. i know its hard, but people dont like talking to people who cant make conversation. But i know how difficult it is as i used to be the same :/


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Updated: May 18, 2012
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