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Physics at Strathclyde

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    I was just wondering if there was anyone on here who knew more about how physics at strathclyde works because I was looking around the universities I didn't apply to initially more out of curiosity rather than anything else when I found a page hidden in the depths of their website (http://phys.strath.ac.uk/undergrad/d...year_11-12.pdf) At the start of this document it lists a various number of degrees that you can do their but according to ucas and their prospectus, you can only apply for physics (bsc or MPhys) or physics with teaching. This was one of the main reasons I didn't apply in the first place but I was just wondering if anyone could explain whats the deal here. Thanks.


    I'm starting Strathclyde this year doing Maths and Physics. As far as I know, I will be enrolled in the Maths/Stats department, even though it is a combined honours in physics and maths.

    That might be the problem, maybe if you are doing a combined degree you are enrolled in the other department, rather than the physics one. That's maybe why you couldn't find it under Physics on UCAS. ( If that is indeed what you searched for!)
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    I was more wondering about how according to that document you can get degrees in Physics, Applied Physics, Photonics, Biophysics, Physics with visual modelling or mathematical finance. So I wondered if anyone knew any more about why you can't apply to these specialisations as it would be when you can at every other university?

    That is the fourth year handbook though. I'm not sure if Strathclyde are the same but Glasgow operated in such a way that you were admitted to a faculty, then could change your discipline within that faculty up until the end of your second year. Once you were in honours, you would then study for your specific degree.
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    Hmm...that makes more sense. It might have said that somewhere else and I've probably missed it. Strathclyde does have a particularly bad website design though. Anyway, I was just more interested in the fact that they offer Physics with mathematical finance and Physics with visual modelling. Currently planning on going to Heriot Watt but if I get my conditions I might apply to Strathclyde though adjustment as they ask for the same grades.

    Ha yeah their website really isn't that great. I had to contact a member of the department for a link to timetables, it was buried under sub sections, I'd never have found it on my own.

    It's definitely something to consider. I've a friend who was doing BSc physics right up until two weeks ago (in his fourth year just now) and now has changed to the integrated Masters and will graduate next year. There is a lot of room for moving about so maybe drop them an email and get more info.


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Updated: May 20, 2012
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