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AQA Totalitarianism AS HIS1N

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    Just wondering if anyone sat this exam on Tuesday? And if so, what did you think of it?

    I did Stalin's Russia and Hitler's Germany! The last question about Volksgemeinshaft stumped me, even my history teacher was left stunned by it! I really needed more time though :/

    Hope everyone's exams are going well!

    I sat it too I also answered Germany and Russia (we don't learn Italy at my school) I thought the Russian questions were lovely, and the Germany 12 marker was pretty good, but the 24 marker for Germany wasn't great as it was so broad, so there was too much to write about in so little time! I couldn't figure out how to structure my answer, so I'll have dropped a few marks there, just hoping the content makes up for it
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    Oh so I wasn't the only one Yeah we were only taught Russia and Germany! The Russian questions were a godsend, amazing.. then it went down hill for me, I had only 2 detailed points for the 12 marker before I got told I had 10 minutes left for the 24 marker..talk about panic -.- I babbled about irrelevant factors, and probably only got about 3 marks :') Hopefully the grade boundaries will be lowered for that exam :/

    Oh dear! Running out of time is the scariest thing! The 12 mark Russian question came up in class when we did a mock exam a week or two before so that was quite lucky What was your other history module? Did you do civil rights last Tuesday?
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    Oh wow that is very lucky! Im sure you did very well No i did British foreign policy and Appeasement

    Oh okay, the civil rights exam was horrible :/ Everyone else seems to study Britain! I think my school study Britain in A2 Yeah, worst comes to the worst we can always retake! Fingers crossed for results day!


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