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Adult Nursing - Chester March 2013 intake?

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    Hi, i was wondering if anyone on here is joining Chester University for adult nursing in the march 2013 intake?
    Be nice to know some people before i get there :-)
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    Hi,yes im starting in march 2013..are you goin to riverside?xx
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    Yes I am!. Are you ready for the start,have you just finished college or have you done an access course? X
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    Hi, I'm also on riverside for march 2013 xx
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    Yes cant wait to start..im just finishing an access course how about both of you? do u both have facebook..be good to make friends b4 we start. are you goin to be travelling there?xx
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    Yea I'm just finishing my access course now,not much travelling as live just outside Wrexham.yea I'm facebook find me on Laura tinsley x
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    oh r ya?how u found the access? I live near denbigh, i will be travelling..i think ive added you on facebook..if its the right person lol x
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    I'm just finishing my A levels, manic revision looks like i'll be the odd one out im coming up to live in Chester cause I live just outside of birmingham atm feel free to add me on facebook Emily kate freeman xx
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    pemijuice do you live in worcester?, because thats where i have just moved from? lol. Tinkerbell i think you must have had the wrong laura as no friend request, i did have worcester down but just changed my address to wrexham. where abouts in denbigh you from? x
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    hi just seen this post, yes i added the wrong person what is your pic of on your facebook?i will have another look now x
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    Sorry pemijuice, there was another Emily freeman in Worcester lol.ive added you now x
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    Hiya, Im starting March 2013 too an living in the halls only live in liverpool so not far can add me on facebook Sarah Mansley xxxx
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    hey im starting in march 2013 for nursing, im travling to chester and back. Im from prestatyn whitch isnt far from denbigh
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    Hiya sarah and johanna, i have added you both in facebook....thats if i have the right ones lol. Well we got us 5 girls going so far in march, at least we know of eachother so the first day will be less painful
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    Hi ladies, I too am doing adult nursing at riverside campus March 13, appreciate it if you would adds me on facebook, lyndsey hill (profile pic is black & white pic of me!!) Thanks girls xxx
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    Hi ladies, I'm doing adult nursing in March at Riverside, please feel free to add me on fb )))
    Lyndsey Hill
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    I start in March 2013 too can't wait!

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    heyyy i also start in march 2013 also cant wait, does anybody know the dates we start? thanks x
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    Hi Luanne, very exciting, I've got 21st March on my ucas but not sure if that's right!! Add me on fb or twitter Lyndsey hill Xxx
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    ahhh riteee, will have another look then, okay then i will add you on facebook x


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Updated: May 11, 2013
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