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What's your drink?

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    What's your taste? classic beer and fine wine or whiskey out of the bottle and vodka shots? Strong and smooth or fun and fizzy?
    At the moment I'm loving Pimms with lemonade and strawberry, perfect for summer
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    Beer. I cannot handle vodka.
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    Good rum, and a little coke.

    Otherwise a nice white wine (not overly dry), or fruit cider. Vodka lemonade if I'm poor.
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    anything that has ethanol in it
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    Vodka and coke all the way.
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    Mojitos are by far my favourite drink.
    I love baileys or a white russian if I'm letting myself have a fat day haha.
    Not keen on beer, cider or wine really, and if I'm being cheap on a night out then just vodka and diet coke.
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    Supermalt/Malta Guiness etc. (non-alco) - tbf I've never had an opportunity to drink alco, and I don't plan to.

    Negs for not drinking? What has the world come to. Did I mention I'm still a minor?
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    Southern comfort and lemonade
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    I'm a wine fan (not rosé, mostly red) although I've recently developed a liking for lager and lime.

    I also love martini rosso and lemonade, and brandy and Stone's ginger wine.
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    Real ale.
    Isle of Islay single malt whisky.
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    cocktails all the way! my current favourite is called a "fat hooker" nice, right?
    2 measures of vodka, one of malibu (or any other coconut rum) and one of peach schnapps (or equivalent)
    then top it up with orange juice. However, last time we made them, we just did equal quantities of all 3 spirits
    hardly even tastes alcoholic - deadly!
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    A pint of guinness

    cannot be bate
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    Vodka mixed with coke normally or jaeger bombs/ beer if i'm poor
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    Ooooh...hard to decide between these two:

    Fireball Whiskey and Coke


    Eristoff Gold and Coke

    You can kinda of tell I drink most of my drink in 'Spoons :P
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    Whiskey on ice, but usually to lazy to refill the ice so i end up drinking outta the bottle.

    And not the bull**** JD.. Proper whiskey, I got some Glenfiddich, Jamesons, Famous Grouse, Bells.

    Glenfiddich is my favorite of the lot as well.
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    I like beer and wine and vodka.
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    Southern Comfort and lemonade... yeah I'm a girl really.

    If I'm at the pub though I'll always have ale so I make up for it.
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    Soco, lime and white! My favourite!!!
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    not very manly but best cocktail is

    dissarono, southern comfort and dash of cranberry juice

    otherwise any form of cider
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    Vodka-lemonade or Coors, give me either and I'll be happy.


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